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Glamping.  I’d never been a “glamper” before, and had only vaguely heard the term when Simon, owner of Glisten Domes, asked our family to come and visit him in the South of France last September to experience a new way of holidaying close to nature, but with creature comforts – and some very fun luxuries.  

It’s take us forever to get our posts about the holiday up – and that’s because, well, we made so many memories there that I managed to fill two camera cards full of smiling faces, new experiences and amazing French sights.
I’m still editing – but check out the Glisten Camping site to see why we had such a fantastic time – and if you’re still unsure whether you too need to experience glamping at its finest, well, take a look at these three below.  Happy and well rested – and that included us, too!
Follow our adventures in the Dordogne over the next few weeks to see what we got up to!

Have you been glamping before – or are you a confirmed muddy boots and pyjamas camper?

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  1. I am definitely a glamper! Haha! I love it when we last went glamping that my husband got a Queen mattress and even side tables to fit in our large 12-person tent. It was awesome!

  2. Oh wow these look amazing!!! We're yet to go glamping as a three although I'm sure 5 year old POD would love it. These look superb, love the South of France too.

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