Plan, Plan, Plan….

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It’s now officially less than 6 months until we “brumb” down the motorway (according to Our Little Adventurer), jump into an airplane and zooooom into the airways on our way to the House of Mouse.

A trip like this takes a whole lot of planning and falls firmly into the category of being one of those situations where if you fail to prepare, then you most definitely are preparing to fail; or at least eat hamburgers for your whole holiday and come home with lists of things you wanted to do/see and never somehow managed to.

Even in 1986 I can remember my parents sat in bed each night on International Drive, figuring out a plan for the next day’s events.  In 2008 for our Disney Wedding and Honeymoon, we did the same.  This time it’s even more important because we have the boys with us.  I do not want to come home with anything but a pocketful of memories each to cherish for the rest of their lifetimes.

So please excuse my absence as of late. I’ve been frantically trying to organise touring plans and ADRs (Advanced Dinner Reservations) and tomorrow is our 180 day window to book.  I’ll be back as soon as I’ve got somewhere to eat!

In the meantime, I’ll try and upload some of my wedding report.  It was written five years ago and so my writing style has changed quite a lot.  I still hope you all enjoy it though…

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