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Marvel Universe Live O2 Ocean Florida Keep up with the jones family
Marvel Universe Live at the O2 where we were completely spoiled by Ocean Florida.

Last year, we were having a pretty horrible time of things with Dad and his Cancers, and we were all feeling pretty awful, when we had the loveliest invitation to go and see Marvel Universe Live with Ocean Florida. They’re the UK’s Number 1 Independent Holiday Specialist and they’ve been creating holiday magic for people for over 11 years. They asked for nothing from us, not even an Instagram post, but they’d been following us and decided to cheer us up with their invite. It worked. It was AVENGER heaven. So this is our way of saying thank you, even though we weren’t asked to at all – we like to be clear about our working relationships.

So we headed off with plenty of time to get to London, parked easily at the O2 [which was a shocker as usually we have trouble parking anywhere in London and we managed not to book online for some reason] and we wandered over with an hour and a half to spare and mess about in. So we did.

jones family avengers


You can see what we got up to – or rather, what the Jones-Avengers got up to in full character in our Marvel Live Highlights on our Instagram Stories. And yes, we got more than a few funny looks but the boys had so much fun filming them, so enjoy.

Keep Up with the Jones Family at Marvel Universe Live
We all managed to get into one shot – Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and his new specs.


Whilst we were waiting to go to the Ocean Florida box, the boys headed over to the merchandising area with their poor and unsuspecting Dad. Captain America was well represented by Hero who managed to get a Spiderman cap as there weren’t any Cap’ caps. Iron man bought himself some flashy tech specs and Thor bought a hat I wish I had myself, a sparkly silver one with wings on that reminded me of Adventures in Babysitting [when I first fell in love with the idea of Thor many, many moons ago].

marvel superheroes at the bar
Just three Avengers, hanging out, hoping their Dad will buy them some merch…


It’s the best show ever if you’re an Avengers fan – it has SO many Avengers [more than 25 apparently, I lost count and was far too excited to be sure] and their enemies in the show and it’s all action. It’s an original story [we won’t give it away]and there are stunts, lights, noise – there was something happening at all times, everywhere we looked. The boys were gripped and shouting their little heads off for their heroes. Hero saw Captain America doing stunts and tricks on his motorbike, Iron man did some mad aerial maneuvering and flying and Thor was throwing his hammer like crazy. I also got to see Star Lord. Not sure there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know of my Star Lord obsession. We were sat with the very lovely Gregory Gaige and his husband Craig who both filled me with horror stories of their lives growing up with brothers and gave me quite a horrifying glimpse into my future as a mom of three boys.

Sorry about the photographs – only phones were permitted. Here’s Star Lord, looking for me in the crowds…


Lyoto [Iron Man] managed to eat more popcorn than he ever has in his entire life whilst at Marvel Universe Live – it came in a stand. A STAND. His little eyes nearly popped out.

the popcorn at marvel universe live
Lyoto and Popcorn are inseparable.


Anyhow, if you’re looking for a wonderful team of people to take care of your holiday to the USA, we can’t recommend Ocean Florida enough. They know their Florida stuff pretty well – right down to the last superhero.

ocean florida box at the o2 watching marvel universe live
In the O2 Box – truly spoiled little boys.

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