Our Walt Disney Fairytale Honeymoon Cruise [Part 1]

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After our Walt Disney Fairytale Wedding in Walt Disney World, Gavin and I spent the rest of the month honeymooning in and around Disney – visting Universal Studios and Gatorland as Trainers for the Day, Busch Gardens and Seaworld. What we also did was head out to the Caribbean onboard the Disney Wonder [the Mickey Boat to our boys] to visit Nassau – and Castaway Cay, TWICE. Here’s what happened!

On the morning of 17th August, we woke up early at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. This was our 7th hotel hop of the honeymoon, I think… Let’s see…  We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter, The Boardwalk, The Yacht Club, The Grand Floridian, The Polynesian, The Wilderness Lodge, The Beach Club…and then after the Mickey Boat you’ll be able to read about our stay in the Animal Kingdom Lodge – and our Dining at Victoria & Albert’s.

Anyway, we woke early as Ana Rivera from Beaute Speciale was coming to make me look a little (whole lot) prettier for our embarkation. I miss her. Ana had been to see us a few times this honeymoon.  I had her for my bachelorette party, my hair rehearsal, my wedding, the cruise, and after the cruise she came to make me look glamorous for Victoria and Albert’s.  I think it’s fair to say that I became obsessed with having someone make me look pretty for a change and I also loved hearing her crazy stories about various celebrities that she works with.  I think if Ana lived in the UK, I’d be even poorer and I might have to move her into the boys’ room to live.  I’ve never felt so beautiful as when she had finished working on me.

So, as I was saying, we woke up early and there were Ana and Lily at the door, a huge whirlwind of crazy energy and chatter.  They came in and started offering Gav a little bit of powder to perk him up a bit.  Okay, that came out wrong.  I mean, they offered to make him up, not sell him drugs.

After getting made up, we set off for breakfast at The Cape May Cafe.  I wanted to eat here since we started planning the wedding and I was so excited!

I love everything about this restaurant.  The beautiful walls depicting Seaside days…

Can you tell from the above photo that:

A) We don’t have sausage gravy in the UK, and;
B) I got addicted to it in the USA?

Pretty soon into the meal the characters started coming around…. First Goofy!

Minnie was very excited to learn we were just married and heading off on the cruise.  I think secretly she wanted to come with us.  Mickey should take her away more.

I love when Chip and Dale stop by your table.  Wherever we are, they always manage to get up to some mischief or play a game with us.

The food here was lovely.  I had bacon and sausage gravy, AND Mickey Waffles.  I’d like to pretend that this was Gav’s plate but he had fruit salad.  I’m not ashamed. I was about to embark on a cruise, and everyone knows you gain weight on cruises.  I was just getting a little headstart…

Soon it was time to head back to the room to pack.  I can’t wait to revisit this one with Jensen and Seahorse, I know they will love it as much as I do.

On the way out I realised that not only do they have a wonderful breakfast, but they have a CLAM BAKE!  As a few of you (and all of my family) know, I am more than a little obsessed with Jessica Fletcher and the show Murder She Wrote.  Jessica is always making clam chowder or some concoction and this just reminds me of her.  Being at a clam bake would make me so much closer to her.  Ha ha ha…. Next time…

I had to get my photo here, just so I won’t forget when I’m planning my ADRs for next time…

Then, breakfast finally over, we waddled back to our rooms to get ready for the cruise!

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