Our Walt Disney Fairytale Wedding (Series): Wedding Day…Location, location, location….

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Before the carriage pulls up in my recount of our wedding trip, I realise that I should show what the wedding location looked like before I got
there. Gavin had gotten to go out and see it as he was ready a long
time before me and he had to set the music up with Diane to make sure
the right songs were playing for the right people during the processional and ceremony.
We had chosen the
songs very carefully and decide against a string quartet which I
originally wanted but then we thought that there were pieces of music
which couldn’t be replicated (like the Hans Zimmer, “You’re So Cool, from True Romance which sounds as
though it is played on Xylophones)
and so we went with the iPod instead. It
worked out so well.
So, here are our orders of service! I still have about 20 of them left.  I
designed these very carefully and the wording took so long to do! There
were so many parts and it took a great deal of to-ing and fro-ing with
Rev. Miller to get the parts of the ceremony in the correct order. I
think he thought I was some crazy obsessed woman…. He was right of course.
…and the order lay in some pretty flowers….
We never used the ring box pictured below at all, but when I saw it in Franck’s I fell in love. I knew it had
to be mine, haha.

At the Yacht Club Gazebo where we were to be married, there are usually plastic chairs laid out for
ceremonies. However, as clichéd as it may be, whenever I have watched
American movies about weddings (and I’ve watched a lot of them!) they
have these pretty white, wooden chairs. When I got to Franck’s, I found
them! They were perfect and I knew they were the chairs for me.Due to the fabric of my dress we chose a petal toss
for the recessional as opposed to instead of bubbles as there was a risk of staining.  I love
flowers and loved the idea even more when I discovered that
I could have personalised petal cones. I chose hot pink and orange to
match the bridesmaids and everyone had a cone hanging on their chair. My dad,
knowing what a hoarder detail oriented person I am, neatly folded his at the end of the
ceremony and kept it in his jacket pocket for me! I was so touched that
he remembered something so small, yet something so important to me as

So here was the layout, as seen from the gazebo (altar)…

Gavin’s family’s side…

…and my family’s side…

I loved the bright, beautiful petals for the recessional…

On the front row we saved an empty chair…but this was kept as a secret from my Mum until after the wedding.  I knew it would emotionally affect her and I didn’t want that.

The chair
was for my granny and granddad (she would have sat on his knee I think, she was cheeky like that) who have
both died and whom I loved very much. My granny was the most special
person in the World to me. She was the person that taught me most that no
matter what was on the outside, it was what was on the inside that
counts. When she died I lost that reassurance and it left me lost and feeling somewhat damaged
inside, but that’s a whole other story.  On this day I wanted them there at our wedding.  So, for her and my granddad I left their favourite white
freesias, and a front seat at the ceremony.  My granny
was devoted to me finding my Prince Eric and I know she loves Gavin from
somewhere on high.

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