Mickey’s Magic Show

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Mickey Mouse Magic Show.  Being a Disney Bride Momma, it is very important to me to immerse my boys in the world of Disney and particularly Mickey Mouse.  So, this week we took a dual-purpose trip to the Midlands, firstly to see Mickey’s Magic Show and also to drop our Little Adventurer off to spend his first weekend away with Granny and Grandad and to see his Aunty, Uncle and his cousins.  He packed his (Mickey Mouse) suitcase with his clothes and swimsuits, and we headed up the country.

The show was fun for all of us (Granny came along as Dadda had to work) and we were seated right in front of the stage!  Jensen sat on his seat for almost all of the show, only trying to break away once, telling me, “It okay Momma, I just going to say hello to Mickey!” Cue me holding on tightly to his hand and persuading him to remain seated, fearing I would be THE parent with the stage-bombing child.  I was feeding Baby Dragon at the time too, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

So, now Baby Dragon, Dadda and I are alone for the weekend and our Little Adventurer is having great fun with his Grandparents.  We miss you, Jensen Jones!

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