Our Walt Disney Fairytale Wedding (Series) July 31st 2008

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We’re back again at 3am on the morning of July 31st, 2008 when our alarms (plural, we weren’t taking any chances) woke us.  Gavin was much better at
waking than I was…apparently.

He moved the two feet needed into the bathroom…

had a shower in the fantastic tropical downpour. The shower gel is
some amazing spa mixture and it was so relaxing and yet invigorating. I
would have stayed in there all morning, was it not for the fact we
were off to AMERICA!!!

After we both showered, we
noticed that the wall, which was a huge mirror, had some technology in
it that prevented a section over the sink from steaming up!

you can nearly see Gavin’s bottom?  I didn’t until some kind person
on the Disboards pointed it out to me.  Ha ha. Oops. We changed and headed out to the shuttle
train which would take us to our departure gate…

The station was like a ghost town.

We finally we arrived at Terminal 4!

checked in at the desk and got through the horrid crowds at 5am, having
panicked because United Airlines were trying to pay people $1000 to
take a different flight. I was so scared we would be bumped.

We managed to board successfully and even got an upgrade to Premium
Economy, sat by an exit, so we had sooooo much legroom! This all helps
with my claustrophobic tendencies.  All we had to agree to do was help
save people should the worst happen.  No problems.  I felt like a

love flying. I love take-off and landing best of all. Flying means holidays!

Gavin, “I’ve had better.”

We had breakfast and we could not stop laughing as
these pancakes were NASTY. Hard and nasty and we kept snickering about
hoping they were better in Florida…  This was no Virgin Airlines. You’ll note that we are flying Virgin in October.  My boys will not be subjected to this nastiness.

The view was perfect and Cinderella blue…


later (nine and a half), we arrived! This was after a switch in
Washington Dulles which was uneventful and slightly stressful and we
won’t bother with that.

As we’d been in February for our planning trip we knew where
to go upon debarkation. We breezed through security and onto the
shuttle…thankfully not being searched by the banana-sniffing
contraband dog this time.


finally checked us in! They congratulated us and we grinned all the
way to the coach. I love the Disney system, it’s all go. Person to
person to person to coach, then you’re off.  Efficient!


coach was a Disney Cruise Line bus which made us smile all the more
because we were so looking forward to our upcoming cruise!

We took a photo of the regular buses
through the window and settled back to watch the little promotional video.  After a little while, we saw it ~ the sign! It always feels like coming home…

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  1. I can’t imagine getting married at Walt Disney World. We got married at Southend Registry Office, which is hardly the most romantic venue, but it meant my grandmother (who was poorly) could attend.

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