Our Walt Disney Fairytale Wedding (Series)…July 30th 2008

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I’ve had so many emails recently from people who used to follow my trip report on the DisBoards asking if I am going to ever finish my wedding trip report (since I left it in limbo a couple of years ago) and so I decided that as we are headed to the House of Mouse in LESS than two hundred days, it would be fun to challenge myself and see if I could actually finish the report before we leave.

In order to do that I’m transferring it here because it’s too hard to leap between the Disboards and here, AND Facebook, and try and figure out Twitter when I don’t even have a phone, and so here it will be.

If you’ve been following on the Disboards, this will be boring for a while….sorry.

As most of you know, Gavin and I were
married in Walt Disney World, Florida, on Tuesday 5th August, 2008.  This
is the “Trip Report” of our big day, the build up to it, and our four week honeymoon…  Enjoy!

trip began nearly five years ago on the 30th July 2008 when Gavin, the huskies and I finally finished
packing everything into the car and we set off up the
country towards my parents in the Midlands.

We live in Hampshire and so
we had a long drive ahead of us, made longer by the
presence of a car-hating husky in the back of the car with me and a
car-sick husky who puts a brave (green) face on it in the front with Gavin.
Casanova (car sick Husky) is on the left, Excalibur (car hating
is on the right.

So, packed up, we left and headed up the country. We arrived at the luxury dog resort in Worcester and left the boys (trying not to cry) with a big bag of treats and toys and we carried on to my parents to get ready for the taxi which would take us to Heathrow.

at my parents’ house, disaster one struck in the form of a note on the door
from my sister and brother in law saying that the taxi had turned up
this morning by mistake and we needed to call and rebook.

I had
my first panic attack of the trip well ahead of schedule and luckily Gavin took control (my hero) and
sorted it out whilst I made a cup of tea. Cups of tea work wonders.  I like them whenever something goes
wrong, right, or just because. They must be Tetley.

crisis one averted, we started the final packing. My parents were
both at work so we got a surprise when my dad arrived home to wave us
off! Whilst he was there I presented Gavin with the following book for a
little gift…

dad and I laughed for ages as Gav sat on the sofa trying to read as
much as he could before the taxi arrived… Gav loves Anthea Turner’s
cleaning.  Sadly I am a huge disappointment in that area.

With Dad wishing us all the best and helping
pack, the taxi arrived and we got in; our adventure had
started!   We were on our way to get married!

After approximately two hours of snoozing in the chilly air conditioning and
watching the sat-nav in the taxi for entertainment, we arrived. We’re too poor for sat-nav you see and use the
“old fashioned” maps.

The driver unloaded us at
Heathrow and we headed off to look for our resting
place for the night ~ the Japanese Yotel!

arrived at the tunnel-like entrance and we were figuring out how to
check in when a kind member of staff showed up and volunteered to help
us. We do the clueless look well thankfully.

Gavin and I entered our little cocoon. There is so much packed into these rooms, all hi-tech gadgets and
it’s so cosy.  I’m claustrophobic but this felt
like a little nest. I loved it.

We explored all of the gadgets….
(note the Indiana Jones hat in the background, it follows me
…and found this little naughty lightswitch! Look at
switch number 2!!!


Then there was a knock at the door, and when we opened it, there stood the lady that had checked us in ~ with this!  Free!  Woo hoo!

never had free Champagne before!  We were getting married!  After popping out to
eat at Wetherspoons and a few
last minute things, we
used the remote control to adjust the bed out because originally it’s
really short so that you can enter the room (so cool).

clambered in, watched some TV
and fell asleep with the alarms set for 3am…


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