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Five days to go! Things were busy yesterday and so I’ve supersized to my favourite mug and calling it days 6 and 5.  I also need a whole lot of coffee this morning.  Cup five originates from The Wilderness Lodge in Walt Disney World.  It’s special for quite a few reasons.

Firstly, if you’ve ever stayed in the Wilderness Lodge, you’ll know how amazing it is.  We stayed there for our Disney Fairytale Wedding planning session in February 2008, and when we resort hopped on our honeymoon, we were lucky enough to stay on the top floor, in the rafters, at concierge level for a few days.  When you enter, their catchphrase sends tingles up my spine.  “Welcome home.”  Even now, just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes because that’s exactly how it feels.  Like coming home.

Secondly, and most importantly, this mug was sent to me by the incredibly wonderful lady who booked our planning session reservations for us, a fellow Disney Bride friend who came to our wedding…and whom we’re about to holiday with, five years on and six children later!

So, the countdown continues…

Each night this week, Peter Pan has been busy delivering costumes….

…and last night Tinkerbell herself dropped off some pixie wings whilst managing to leave a trail of shimmering pixie dust downstairs (apparently her night flying skills in our house weren’t too wonderful).


Most of the boys’ costumes have been made, and only a few adjustments are outstanding
The MAC and iCloud set up
All photos from my camera have been transferred to two seperate hard drives
Another hard drive has been ordered
I finally chose a tripod from Amazon

Still to do:

My Haircut (still looking like Rapunzel)
Collect contact lenses for the Mister
Pack Suitcases
Finish costume adjustments
The mister’s Hallowe’en shirt
Tweak and print itinerary
Make FP+ choices
Buy snacks
Buy toiletries
STILL waiting on delivery of waterproof camera
Buy boys new shoes
New swimsuit

My to do list keeps growing…. FIVE days to go!  You can follow us for all the nitty-gritty details on our Instagram!

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