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Generally, if I have a product arrive for review, Dadda is nonchalant about the whole thing.  He’ll ask what it is, help out if I need a photo, but that’s about the height of his interest…. Until this week.
 This week we were given the opportunity to review the current Holy Grail of toys…. Iron Man.  Gav has loved, and I mean real, manly love-loved, Iron Man since 2008 when he attempted several times to watch the film in its entirety during our cruise on the Disney Wonder and failed.

As an act of kindness to my long suffering husband, I left the toys in the boxes so that he could be the one to open them with Our Little Adventurer.  Then, just as I did when I was little, we took them out to play.  We took them to IBM which seemed quite fitting.

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Waiting for Dadda to come out of work…

Whilst waiting for Dadda, Our Little Adventurer practised his moves.

Just after 6 p.m, the games began.  Baby Dragon loved even enjoyed running and taking stunt dives in order to join in…
I’m heading for den, Dadda!  You can’t get me now!

Soon we were all out of ammo.  Time to regroup.

Ready to reload…

The ease with which Our Little Adventurer was able to reload was impressive.  A quick round up of the foamy rings, flip open the top, drop them in, slam the top shut and he was off again, in pursuit of Dadda.

I would have LOVED a blaster like this when I was younger.  It’s not painful to be struck with a disc, it’s easy to operate, and it looks like the real thing.  The only negative thing I have to say about it is that if you’re hoping to sneak up on someone, you might be out of luck.  The motor sounds like a lawnmower and there’s no mistaking it within 100 yards or even more of your target.

The second toy was even more fun.  Iron Man himself.  He’s sturdy and solid in construction and his four limbs move.  The description claims that he’s fully pose able, which he isn’t.  He can move his legs, but not his knees and move his arms at the shoulders yet not the elbows.  So he’s pretty limited in the posing arena.  However, the lack of additional movement does mean that he stands very easily without constant toppling over.

Jensen adored playing with him.  His features include eyes that light up by pressing the button on his chest, which also activates some very realistic clanging noises.   Baby Dragon enjoyed this immensely.

Iron Man also comes with a set of missiles ~ red (firey ones, according to Jensen) and blue (brr-ry ice ones apparently.  Yes, brr-ry.)  These are inserted into the missile launching hand and once a button on Iron Man’s back is pressed, more sound effects begin and the missiles begin to shoot systematically until all of them are expelled.  Having been shot more than my fair share of times, I can confirm that the missiles do not hurt on impact which makes this a perfect toy for little ones like mine.

Baby Dragon decided to steal the missiles and feed them to Dadda.  Much to Iron Man’s horror…

Baby Dragon: These are tasty, Dadda…
Iron Man: Argh!  My missiles!
Baby Dragon:  You like those, Dadda?  Missiles.
Iron Man:  You will self destruct!
Baby Dragon: Calm down, Iron Man. Were just playing.  You superheroes are so uptight.
Iron Man: Reload me, small fierce one.
More fighting ensued for the next half an hour, until every missile was fired, collected and fired again.

Finally, all out of ammo, we headed for the fish and chip shop for Friday night dinner.  Even superheroes need to eat.

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