Looking Back: Our Walt Disney Fairytale Honeymoon (Part 7)

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Castaway Cay!  As soon as I woke up, I was running towards the balcony.  In my nightwear, I thankfully might add.  I could barely contain myself.  As a child I’ve visited Spain, France, Portugal, Florida and St. Petersburg, but never, EVER a private island.  Imagine my excitement at being in the Caribbean, on an island with water I could actually see through and sand that was silky and white beneath my toes.  Bliss.

It was time for breakfast and I am not sure I have ever showered or dressed as fast as I did that morning.  There was no time to waste!

Now here’s where it gets disappointing for you, reading this.  Today we used a disposable camera on the Cay because we knew we would be back there for our double dip later in the trip.  So sadly I have to scan and upload the photos yet for this Castaway Cay day.  Apologies.

Here’s the last glimpse of Castaway Cay as we docked that day for  you to see.  I am hanging my head in shame for letting you down.

and here are some shots of us that the kind Disney Shutters people took on the Cay!

Notice that man in the background?
So much thinner days…LOL and that man is still lurking!

We were also so lucky to be able to see the Dutchman….all gone now 🙁

After returning to the ship, we took a chance to have a better look around…

There’s even an art gallery on the ship!

The pool was empty!  Everyone was busy getting ready for Pirate Night.  Next time we’ll dress up properly.  This time we had no idea whether people did or didn’t get into the Pirate thing and so we played it cool.

Whilst we were waiting for dinner, yes, you guessed it. I had another “cocktail of the day”.  I have slight (okay, not slight) OCD and so the thought of leaving one of the days of cocktails out was practically against everything I believe in.  That’s my excuse anyway 😉

Hell, Cocktail of the Day!  Bahama Breeze, I think…
Gav’s Mojito (again)…

It’s hard to believe that there are so many people on the ship when you have all the space that we seemed to have!

A new book for me!

Another reason we weren’t dressed for Pirate Night was that our rotation to Palo was on this night. So, after the show (which was amazing again, and again made me cry), we got changed (I put on my “Sea Creature” dress, as named by Gavin) and headed up to the romantic restaurant.

The food was excellent.  It was private, quiet, and very romantic indeed.

Four years on and I can still remember the polenta stuffed mushrooms. Oh my.

I won’t say that I ate a lot, what I will say is that my dress was at its limits virtually.

Mashed potatoes. Whatever I had, the potatoes were out of this world fluffy.

Now came dessert time.  This is where we finally found out how people gain so much weight on cruises.  We decided on souffle as it was billed to us as the best dessert ever. However, our server told us it was 20 minutes before they would arrive as they are made individually and asked us if we would mind him bringing more desserts for us to try.  Mind? MIND?  We waited to see what would arrive…

What we ordered…

We got a “honeymoon dessert”!

Panna Cotta?
Some banana dessert…
Gav in chocolate heaven…

Gav is NOT a chocolate person, but he looooved this one.

Yes, people, this is how you gain your 10lbs on a cruise.

At the end of the meal, we were given these delicious shots of something.  I learned not to ask what we were getting.  Mainly because I had decided to be more adventurous in my eating habits on honeymoon and also because even when they explained to me what I was eating or drinking, often I had no idea what they were talking about.

At the end of the meal we tried to walk out but ended up waddling.  Fat and happy.

When we got back, another cutie was waiting for us, with a pirate map and treasure!

Goodnight, day two…. Tomorrow, Nassau!

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