Traditions: Christmas Photographs

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Even though I’ve started my blog in the New Year, I want to back up a little and take a look at Christmas since I missed out on blogging it.  So over the next month (Seahorse arrival depending) there will be posts of what we get up to on Christmas Days and any other special activities on other days that relate to Christmas.
When I think about Christmas, it sends a chill down my (messed up for the time being) spine.  I’ve grown up with a lot of tradition in my family life and loved every one of them ~ making mince pies at Christmas, icing the Christmas cake, carving pumpkins, playing apple bobbing and lots more besides.  Celebration is important to me, it quite honestly stops me feeling miserable.  Traditions have always given me something to look forward to.
Therefore as soon as we became a family of five (including our furkids), I got giddy with excitement and then mad with panic over which traditions we are a family would adopt for Jensen Indiana and the furkids.

For me, memories are our most important possessions and so we decided early on that every Christmas we would have our photographs taken professionally as a record of us growing up together.

We already had our photos taken as a family of 4 (5 with the Bubba J bump) whilst I was pregnant with Jensen at Christmas in 2009 and so our 2010 photos last year were something I was really excited about.

This year we were hoping to have them done in January with our Seahorse baby bump but sadly due to my health we haven’t gotten to it ~ and so this year’s photos will most probably be our family portraits with Seahorse.  That makes me sad that we missed out on a milestone, particularly since Jensen is so attached to his brother’s bump but I’ll see if Gavin can’t take a photo of him hugging it, just for my sentimental reasons.

For the session with Seahorse, I can’t wait.  Therefore, in the meantime, and without further ado, I give you Jensen’s first Christmas session with Cristina Barton, an amazing photographer and friend.  They were taken in Winchester, October 2010.  It was so cold, Jensen was so grumpy, and yet we have the most amazing memories to look back on.  Thank you Cristina!

























Not long to go….

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