Miraculous Muffins…

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Our muffin recipe.  They didn’t last long.  In fact, next to the raspberry muffins I’d say they were some of the swiftest eaten muffin batches known to the Jones family.  They were pure, moist, chocolate heaven.

To help a sister out (my sister, in fact), I’m going to share my favourite muffin recipe today.  It hasn’t failed me yet; it’s quick, simple and even our Little Adventurer knows how to make them now.

Soooo, let’s get started.  This recipe makes 10.

Miraculous Muffins
You will need….

Your oven (Bernie) cranked up to 200 degrees
Muffin Tin
Muffin Cases
Electric Whisk/Mixer

250g plain flour
1 tbsp baking powder (or magic muffin powder as we call it)
100g caster sugar
75g unsalted butter
175ml milk
1 egg

Muffin Making…

Sieve the flour and magic muffin powder together.
Sieve and add the caster sugar.
Mix with spoon.
Grate (yes, grate) the butter into the bowl.
Mix until fine crumbs with electric mixer.
Add egg and milk.
Mix with electric mixer until blended.
Add muffin filling ~ if using fruit, fold in carefully.
Distribute between muffin cases.
Cook for 20 minutes.
Feel delighted they look so amazing.

I’d love to hear how yours turn out!

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