Birdworld Nostalgia: Part I

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This Summer Jensen Indiana spent his first “big boy adventure away from home” with Granny and Grandad in the Midlands.  I was equally delighted and heartbroken over this ~ firstly I was proud of him that he didn’t feel the need to call me at all, he was clearly having too much fun, but secondly he obviously didn’t miss me very much, despite him telling me that he had when I went to collect him at the end of the stay.

Whilst I was there I got to spend some time with my family and we went somewhere I hadn’t been since I first met Gavin, and previous to that I hadn’t been since I was younger, at least 16 years old I think.  It’s a place that holds special feelings for me as we would always travel here as a family minus my dad, who was working, with my Granny for a day at Birdworld and then a picnic on the same spot every year and a paddle in the river.  It was a favourite holiday routine of ours.

Birdworld has changed such a lot since I was little, but the little ones in our family seemed to love it as much as my sister and I did way back when…

Baby Dragon got some Uncle love (they were up to something sneaky) as we set about watching those stinky yet beautiful King penguins.

Someone was posing in his sister’s shades…

Someone else was captivated and desperate to reach out for the penguins.

Yes, they were up to something naughty… trying to lure the penguins over for a pat….


Soon we were off in search of more birds, but first there had to be sticks.  There are always sticks on any good adventure, and Jensen Indiana took this opportunity to introduce Miss Violet to them.  Sticks in hand, off they set, rat-a-tatting away on every surface like mini street junk percussionists.

Part II on the way…

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