Jensen Indiana’s First Mickey Waffles…

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Last weekend I slipped out to the raspberry farm to get some more raspberries.  It was bliss.  I spent an hour alone in the sunshine, singing Elton John songs to myself (no idea why).  In any case, I returned home with my haul ready for a very special brunch…

Why so special? Today Jensen Indiana was about to have his first taste of Mickey Waffles!  I wanted some raspberries to go with them, and also more berries for our white chocolate and raspberry muffins we were making the next day 🙂

What can I say? I’m a messy waffle maker.

Our Limited Edition syrup 🙂

As soon as the waffles were off the irons, my taste testers were ready to go…  There was a particularly keen Little Adventurer ready for waffle-action.

Jensen is all about making patterns at the moment whatever he’s doing, but especially with food.

Brunch was served!

The concentration was impressive.

Each berry was checked for “visitors”…

Cream was squirted…


Berries were counted…

Fun was had.

I hope your weekend was just as delicious!

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