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posh paws disney furries #BuildYourSquad with Disney

So I have a bit of a confession.  A beautiful white box arrived for me, it was addressed to ME.  I want to make that clear.  When I opened it, I made what apparently was a joyous squeaking noise according to Gav, and shut the box again fast.  The cutest little Disney plushies arrived in our house and if I could eat them, I would.  They are THAT cute.  Too cute.

Posh Paws [who made our gorgeous Porg] have so far released two waves of the CUTEST [in case you’re unsure how cute], most adorable Disney plushies and fans like us are being invited to #buildyoursquad with Disney and our favourite characters.  In MY box were Dumbo [my favourite], Minnie, Cinderella, Tigger, Pooh and Marie from Aristocats.

Thanks to my happy squeaking, a crowd of small boys gathered around me.  Too cute for grubby little fingers, I told them, but Hero gave me his bestest, biggest, widest-eyed innocent stare and I gave in.  I’m weak, and he’s adorable.

#BuildYourSquad with Disney

Opening the box to the six little plushes which are about 6 inches tall, and without even looking back at me, the boys started calling dibs on who was getting who in the division of plushies.  Hero took Tigger and Dumbo…and had his eye on Pooh.  Above is his squad.

#BuildYourSquad with Disney

The plushies are super soft and silky, with clear, coloured glassy eyes.  Each one has special sparkly accents in some way and is just completely adorable.  I’m trying to hold myself back from seeing who else we can build our squad with because I’m sure my purse will fall open and I’ll end up with ten more.  They are seriously that cute.

#BuildYourSquad with Disney posh paws

We were sent ours in return for our honest review – and you too can get started and build your squad instore at Morrisons priced and Tesco.  They’re fantastic value at £6.99 each – and they’ll soon be available online too!  Watch out for new members of the squad in July, which is wave 2.

#BuildYourSquad with Disney

#BuildYourSquad with Disneyposh paws disney #BuildYourSquad with Disney

Now go, #BuildYourSquad with Disney! Who’s your favourite?

#BuildYourSquad with Disney

We were sent these in return for and honest review.  Who’s your favourite?

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  1. Oh my god they’re the cutest things ever. My son would LOVE these. I have to say I’d bag Dumbo for myself out of the ones you got. I do wonder if they’ll do Goofy who is my favourite Disney character x

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