Our Walt Disney Fairytale Wedding (Series): Wedding Day…Getting Into The Dress.

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Back in my parents’ room, it was time for me to get into the dress. This was it! The dress (Demi by
Hollywood Dreams)
was so beautiful and yet so huge (and undoubtedly
to climb into. I was sure I would fall over.  Or flash my underwear. I had my new underwear from Agent
Provocateur that I had been looking forward to wearing for so long, but
that didn’t mean anyone needed to see it.So, Misty said that she would photograph me getting into the dress if I
had no objections to it, and Jeffrey said he would start filming.
Pressure, pressure!

My make up artist Lilli told me if it went over my head she would shoot someone…and I believed her.

Up until this point I was happy ~ all I had to do was clamber in
(literally), but now I had to take some clothes off. Hmm… It was like
being at school and trying to get changed for PE without anyone

My mum, trying to save me from myself….

Once in, the lacing began…

So as they start to pull the corset together, I am just waiting, and watching….



My dad stood patiently waiting…..and being glad he doesn’t have to help “winch” me into the dress…

We were getting there!


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