Our Walt Disney Fairytale Wedding: Wedding Day: Getting Into The Dress Part II)

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I wasn’t posing in the most glamourous of ways whilst they were dressing me…
Yes, I was holding onto things that were “precious” to me until Misty
pointed out that I might not want photos with my hands on my breasts!
Of course, I couldn’t then stop laughing….
Then I was eventually starting to pull into shape. My hands went
straight to my hips! For some reason, every time I put this dress on in
fittings, I had my hands on my hips ~ so much so that it became a
running joke. I even have fitting photos that my mum took because I
just kept doing it. I don’t know who I thought I was!

Then I had some photos with mum in the mirror…. I love these.


I also got some with my sister… She’s putting my necklace on but it
slid to the side so it looks like she’s going to strangle me…which she’d probably would have liked to.

So back to my story… As I was having the air sucked out of me with my
corset, and knowing how much I loved tiny details, Misty and Nelio were
snapping away and I love the shots they got of my perfume with us in the

My mum was the expert at lacing my dress up, having attended all of my
fittings, and she got straight to work.  As I couldn’t see it, I just hoped
they had done it right and it looked pretty. All I could hear was my
mum complaining jokingly that my sister had HER hands in the photo when
my mum had done all of the work in lacing me up. So, here are the
“fake” photos of my sister, being congratulated on a job not done by

Finally I was all laced up! I could breathe, too! I was in shock! I
heard of so many stories (including my sister when she got married in
her enormous and breathtaking ~ in more than one way ~ red velvet creation)
where the bride could not breathe, could not eat…. Well,
not for me! I had planned the food to the last mouthful and I was
determined to eat some of it. Okay, a lot of it. Fine….. as much as I
could of it.

So I was still trying to ignore Jeffrey filming us, and we were finally finished and I was all
in. I looked down at myself.

All fitted in, the dress felt enormous and I felt like a bride. This feeling I will remember for the rest of my
life. I always dreamed of one day being a bride but most times in my life, I’ve found that when I have worked
really hard to get something, it doesn’t feel like you hope it should
when you get there.

Like Christmas. I love Christmas and I work really
hard to make it feel Christmassy but when the day arrives just lately, I
feel nothing. Or birthdays. I feel nothing. Perhaps because I expect
to feel the same way that I did when I was a child; I still want to hold
on to that magic. I was petrified that when this day came I would feel
nothing and just be stood there, dressed up and empty inside. But I
didn’t. I felt like a bride. I felt the magic I had missed for so long.
I could feel my dreams coming true.

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