Our Walt Disney Fairytale Wedding (Series): Wedding Day…The Shoes.

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After that it was time to have photos of my pretty little shoes that I
had searched so long for…. My mum got the Benjamin Adams shoes out, and
the two other pairs I had with me for our dance and an optional other
pair……..and then I broke it to my mum. I wasn’t going to be wearing these
shoes after these photos. When I got downstairs I was changing into my
real wedding shoes. My dad laughed and my sister said “Oh no. No.
You’re kidding me.” Then I pulled out my white pillowcase and Misty
shrieked with delight. She lined up the three pairs of wedding shoes I had with me
and snapped away again.

My real wedding shoes, the ones I was going to
wear (and was so glad I did when I gained NO blisters at all that day)
were high-topped white and gold, Swarovski-embellished (by me) Converse.
They were beautiful. I used to wear these all of the time when I was a
teenager and then when I went to University. I felt it only fitting
given my obsession with the 80’s that I should wear them. I spent
solong sticking these little gems on with “No More Nails” (I love NMN) and
hiding them from Gav…

However, before I put these on, I had some photos with my delicate
shoes. I do love these, I just could not see myself walking very far in
them and surviving. My phobia of falling over resurfaced. I
also am notorious for getting blisters after wearing ridiculous shoes
and so there was a distinct chance that wearing the little shoes would
mean I would suffer for the rest of the honeymoon. Please don’t judge
my poor feet ~ they played rugby for many years and suffered many

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