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Wall Art – the best kind!

We are decluttering at a savage rate here. We’ve outgrown our house and are bursting at the seams, trying to keep five people in a two bedroomed house. It’s time to move. So whilst we’re in lockdown and also whilst it’s not exactly the weather to be out and about having as much fun as we’d like, we’re sorting and organising, selling and discarding things that we don’t need, or use, or want. It’s a huge job.

It’s going to be worth it though; I can’t wait to leave – moving home means the chance to decorate again, to make it not just our new house, but our new home too. And homes should be truly personal places, like dragons’ lairs, guarding secrets to the inhabitant’s personality, all wrapped up in the decor they use and the trinkets and items they display. I’d like to think that if our home was in Through the Keyhole, I’d be identified as the occupier within minutes.

As two out of three of our boys are colourblind, getting excited about what colour their rooms will be isn’t quite as easy as it sounds – so instead the boys and I have been looking at wall art for their bedroom wall inspiration.

There are all different kinds of media to choose from – even tapestries – and although I head immediately for canvas prints, the boys are into posters much like I was at their age except whilst I had a scrappy centrefold of Corey Feldman in his latest movie from my teen magazine taped to the wallpaper [in an attempt to cover all of the Victoria Plum pattern I could] in my room, Jensen spent half an hour on the Fine Art America site, coordinating the different Marvel prints and was beside himself that he could get a striking black and white Wolverine piece from the Superhero Posters collection. Peeping over his shoulder [read: trying to shove him off the laptop], Hero fell in love with a Captain America Super Pop print as it combines two of his favourite things in the world – ice lollies and Cap. His room will be ALL about Steve Rogers, apparently.

Jensen then asked to type in Harry Potter. We found thousands of prints – and then we tried Johnny Depp, but naturally I couldn’t resist typing in Mickey Mouse Canvas Prints and oh boy. Ohhh boy. There are so many I need – including a Walt Disney World art print of the transportation system there. There are SO many to choose from in all different styles. Fine Art America even have canvas prints of the Yacht Club in Walt Disney World where we were married. Guess what’s on my Christmas list now…

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