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Paladone FRIENDS Beauty Products floating around in a bubble bath on Instagram this week. Paladone have their own heaven scented Friends beauty range – you can check out their Amazon store here. As a HUGGGGE Friends fan, I was sorting the garage this week and found my first graduation present from my parents – the first Friends series on VHS!

We already love their other FRIENDS products, especially the cups of course – but this range adds a huge combination of beauty products to suit everyone and is perfect in the run up to Christmas as they can be delivered straight to your door, and you have instant smiles all round! Here’s what we’ve been trying – and, OH My GAWWWWD [who doesn’t try a Janice impression]- there are even more on their Amazon page, including some coffee cup lip balms and lobster bath melts!

Could there BE any more Friends Beauty Products on this sleigh?

All officially licenced, Paladone sent us the following…

  • Central Perk Bath Crumble – 250g [Caramel Toffee Scented]
  • Friends Pink Mug and Hand Cream [honeysuckle and rose / mango and ylang ylang] Set – The mug reads, “I’d rather be watching Friends” and this is my FAVOURITE. It’s the perfect pink and I’ve banned anyone from touching it.
  • “How You Doin’?” FRIENDS Body Butter – 200ml [Honeysuckle and Rose]
  • Not Just Clean, Monica Clean Body Polish – 200ml [Honeysuckle and Rose]
  • We Were On A Break Bath Bar – 200g [Peach and Orange Blossom]
  • Clean Like Monica Gel Hand Sanitiser, and How You Doin’ Gel Hand Sanitiser in Frame, both hand pumps – 240ml [Anti Bacterial with Aloe Extract].
  • You’re the Chandler to My Monica Body Wash [350ml pump dispenser] and We Were On a Break Hand Balm [90ml] Tips To Toes Collection – Honeysuckle and Rose.
  • My favourite – I’d Rather Be Watching Friends Bath Crystals – 360g [Golden Raspberry and Honeysuckle] which is no surprise. I smelled them, fell in love and then realised why…raspberries. I’m obsessed with them and eat them nearly every day.
Bathtime with the Paladone Friends Beauty Range

These are going to be the perfect stocking fillers and gifts for your own Friends and family this year – it’s so hard to choose which ones to send – there are a few I can’t bear to part with though!

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