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I won’t tell you what Rhys Ifans said about Cloud Nine Marshmallows, but it was naughty – and when he said it, I knew I had to try them.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved marshmallows.  They remind me of rainy days and board games, crunchy leaves and bonfires, and snow-caked gloves and frozen, welly-booted toes.

Indulgently sticky and goo-like in my hot chocolate, smooshy centred and crispy coated, squished between crackers and chocolate at our bonfires, dipped in fondue chocolate on Christmas Eve, they’ve always been perfect to me…until I found Murphy.

The mister wasn’t a fan of marshmallows.  He finds them too sickly and sweet, and so when I gushed that we were going to be reviewing the notorious Cloud Nine Marshmallows, he was clueless.  When I told him that the super talent behind the label had compared herself to Walt in Breaking Bad, he was curious.

An immaculate white parcel arrived at the hands of our dedicated [read:exhausted] postman, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I opened it alone, silently, in the kitchen.  Remember, I have boys.  Boys are like locusts.  I now have three indiscriminate munchers under the age of five, who would no doubt enjoy them, but not give me any feedback other than one befitting a well known Oliver Twist scene.

So I hid, and held my breath….

….and I smiled. So widely.

These were not regular marshmallows.  These were the daydream-perfect, clasp your hands together in glee, “mine-all-mine” invoking, where-am-I-going-to-hide-these panic inducing, bite sized, pure luxury marshmallows.  It’s been a whole week and I’m still dreaming about them.  I don’t think I can imagine a celebration without them now.

You see, real marshmallows are not like the ones in the supermarket.  Real marshmallows do not taste of sugary nothingness, as lovely as my hot chocolate drinks have been with them sprinkled on top.  Real ones are moist and light, and carry exquisite flavours with them, if they are made by a culinary genius like Murphy.

I’ve always considered marshmallows as a cold weather food – but Murphy’s Cloud Nine homemade creations burst with the happiness of every season, and they taste heavenly.  Salted caramel?  Pistachio and white chocolate[imagine Lyoto’s delight as his favourite food became a marshmallow!]?  Creme de violette [My mum is really excited for these but I’ve told her she has to wait until Mother’s day]? All made with natural flavourings [although not suitable for vegetarians] and presented in the chicest of packaging for gifting, for showing off in your kitchen, or for casually presenting in front of people you’d like to impress 😉

This Valentine’s Day, Cloud Nine Marshmallows are offering double raspberry Valentine hearts, and champagne and strawberry special editions for gifting to your special someone.

I’ve learned so much this week, and I want to thank Murphy and Cloud Nine Marshmallows.  Firstly,  I had no idea that I was an elitist.  Yet I am.  I am now a marshmallow elitist.  All marshmallows are not created equal.

Secondly, my history knowledge has expanded hugely!  There are marshmallow plants?!  This means that marshmallows constitute one of my five a day.  Maybe more if I can eat enough [and I’m sure I could].  I’m also thinking that I could manage to get a marshmallow sampling session into the history curriculum at school when I teach about the Egyptians.

Finally, in etymology, I learned what an althaiophobe is.  I am not one. Never have been, and definitely now never will be.  If you think you are, or you know someone who is, call Cloud Nine Marshmallows this Valentine’s day – they will cure it.

We’re seeking out the unique, the truly special, the smile-makers in our country to put the surprise back into celebrations.  We have some fantastic people already working with us – and if you’d like to join us and showcase your talents, get in touch – keepupwiththejonesfamilyblog@gmail.com.
Flowers and foilage: Wild Flowers Company 
Disclosure: Cloud Nine Marshmallows sent us a lot of gorgeous marshmallows to eat, photograph and review.  Our opinions are honest and we were under no obligation to post a positive article.

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  1. …hit the publish by mistake. I would not mind it at all if someone sent me the double raspberry Valentine hearts, and champagne and strawberry special editions! I may have to show this to hubby!

  2. The sweet cloud nine mallows looks really heavenly and majestic in taste. It's like a class above the regular marshmallows and would really satisfy the taste buds.

  3. There is absolutely nothing like a fresh, not over processed, cloud of pure delicious marshmallow! I've not heard of these, but now I want to try them. Thanks for cluing me in on them.

  4. Beautiful pictures again Sara-Jayne! I really need to know how you do that rainbow on them! Loving the look of those marshmallows, the perfect treat for Valentine's Day 🙂

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