Wooly Memories…

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For no reason whatsoever today, I was thinking about jumpers.  They’re warm, they’re snuggly, and if you take care of them well, they can last you a lifetime.
Memories….and jumpers.
Nothing holds memories so warm and dear to me as jumpers.  You probably call them pullovers or sweaters or cardigans, but to me they are wooly jumpers, just like the four legged friends who gave their Winter coats up for clever people to create them.
Years ago, whilst I was at law school in the Welsh valleys [along with aforementioned “jumpers” who were much bigger than I ever thought they were on TV, especially when running at you], my mum gave me what is now one of my most loved pieces of clothing – my granddad’s hand knitted cardigan.  I wore it everywhere and now, years on, it holds memories of me, my mum and my grandad – very close to my heart.
There’s something very special about knitted items.  I remember being so proud that I could buy my dad a real men’s cardigan – a golfing one – for his birthday when I was younger, because I knew he would cherish it, and more importantly, use it.
Even the mister, although he doesn’t buy one at any other time of the year, he has bought a different wooly jumper for each baby that’s been born for their newborn photoshoot.  I know them all on sight and name them accordingly – the Wooly Jensen, Wooly Yotie [Lyoto] and Wooly Hero.  

On reflection, I realise I admit I might have a slight obsession with buying them.  My boys have a new set of Christmas woolies every year, and one for Bonfire night, Valentine’s day…and of course at Hallowe’en when they visit the pumpkin patch.

They’re the perfect gift for the men in my family, because they’re practical too.  No hoarding away [as my dad has secretly been doing with his “box of treasures” that he’s collected over the years].
Jumpers – who knew?
Photographs Copyright Cristina Barton Photography

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  1. Oh my goodness! Those sheep are so precious. My daughter is an excellent knitter and is always making wool sweaters. I run way too hot to wear any of them, but she lives in Arizona and still wears them!

  2. Those photos were just precious! I grew up with wool coats and mittens in New Hampshire; they really do bring back some of my brst memories of childhood and good times with my dad.

  3. aww very cute and priceless photos. We;re my family not having like your photos, you're both looks very lovable and looks very supportive on your own family. I'll consider this as my inspiring to make photo like this with my family.

  4. I haven't owned and a tried a wool sweater – I live in a tropical country so the weather is not so appropriate for it. But I do think wool sweaters are cozy and perfect for trips in cold countries. PS. Your photos are beautiful.

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