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Every so often, despite being generally oblivious to the world of beauty care thanks to the all consuming occupation of mom-of-three-boys, there’s a product which appears on my radar and piques my interest.  Whereas I’d say that since giving birth for the first time seven years ago, I’ve applied makeup to my face about 30 times if that, something I have to do every night is moisturise my feet.  My face I generally neglect unless the shower has completely dried my face out, but I just can’t sleep if I haven’t moisturised my feet.  Call me weird – but I feel as though I’m dehydrating if I don’t.  Maybe I’m part plant-woman.

The rest of my poor body is left alone unless it’s a special occasion which means I get more than five minutes in the shower – and even then I’d rather use the time to exfoliate or deep condition my hair.  So, when I discovered the release of Sanctuary Wet Skin Moisture Miracle onto the market – which is targeted at busy women who currently don’t find the time to moisturise every morning [hands up here] – I was so excited to try it.  And apparently, according to statistics** that’s 65% of us, ladies, who don’t moisturise every day!

I had no idea how using the Sanctuary Wet Skin Moisture Miracle would save me time – or encourage me to moisturise in the morning, but now I’ve tried it, it’s very clever. It sits in the bathroom with your shower gel and shampoo, but it’s a moisturiser – and it’s applied to wet skin but not rinsed off.  I never thought it would work and I envisaged big gloopy lumps of moisturiser pooling around the shower floor.

Sanctuary Wet Skin Moisture Miracle
After two weeks of using it every shower, my body is noticeably softer and I smell ah-mazing. So good.  My routine now is to finish my shower, blot my hair with a towel and wrap it up so it’s not dripping all over me, and then whilst stood there I pop the top off my Sanctuary Wet Skin Moisture Miracle and apply it all over.  I give it a couple of minutes most days whilst I brush my hair out, and then I towel dry.  Some days I apply the moisturiser and leap out to dry off straight away.

Sanctuary Wet Skin Moisture MiracleSanctuary Wet Skin Moisture MiracleContrary to my expectations, the moisturiser doesn’t just slip off my body to the floor – it absorbs well and is light.  I’m not a fan of heavy creams and this feels fresh and summery, and the gorgeous Sanctuary smell is immediately recognisable.  The bottle has pride of place in our shower now [and one on the bathtub] and reaching for it has become as natural as my shampoo.  It’s the quickest, easiest and most effective way to moisturise your body – especially given that without it, it probably wouldn’t happen at all!

You can try it at the introductory price of only £5 (usually £8) between 5th July & 1st August 2017. Available from most Boots stores and on –

**Sanctuary study, 2360 women

**This is a collaborative post**

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