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With sun-flushed cheeks and grass-scattered hair, knocking scuffed sandal toes with our friends as we swung about on the chipped, yellow pudding bowl climbing frame outside our house, every Summer we waited.

As soon as we heard it, we’d scramble from our metal perches and race to our doorstep, heads craned sideways to yell through the letterbox those six, desperately urgent, time pressured words.


We knew there wasn’t much time.  You had around three minutes to get your parent to firstly agree to let you have one – and once that was accomplished, there was the whole palaver of getting your obliging parent to find the change in their pocket or purse to give to you – and if you were too small to buy the ice cream yourself, you had to wait until they were also properly attired and had made their way from their house to wherever the ice cream man had stationed himself.  It was nerve wracking, intense, and somehow your parents never seemed to understand the urgency of the situation.

Now it’s my turn, there isn’t an ice cream man in sight where we live – but the supermarket is crammed with frozen confections.  Until I discovered Claudi & Fin, I had never tried frozen yoghurt and didn’t quite fancy trying it unlike my American friends.  It just didn’t appeal to me, and I never thought of offering it to my boys.

The lovely mummies behind Claudi & Fin [named after their little ones] asked us if we’d like to try their lollies – a healthier alternative to the myriad of artificially concocted ice-creams in the freezer section of Sainsbury – and so we bought a pack of each and settled this afternoon to eat them on the way home.

With everything we know now about the nasties in children’s foods, it feels good to not have to make shameful excuses in public like, “as a treat” or “just today” – when buying sweets or ice cream for your little ones – and even better to know that there’s a healthier choice that I can make for my children without feeling like they are missing out on an aspect of my childhood that I loved dearly.

The amazing thing about Claudi & Fin lollies though, is that they are SO good.  Fruity, light and refreshing.  Nothing like I imagined they would be – I was imagining sickly sweet, heavy, milky lollies.  My boys devoured the mango box and came running back for more after I said we had the eat them all before going home.

There was peace. Quiet.  Happy boys, eating healthier treats.  Real fruit lollies with added vitamin D and 100% natural ingredients.

Claudi & Fin are available in Sainsbury, Waitrose, Ocado, Budgen’s, and Supervalu and Centra for our Republic of Ireland readers.  This Summer is going to be very delicious!

We were compensated and gifted the ice-lollies in return for an honest review

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  1. Lovely lovely pictures. My son also has a pair of skinny jeans with braces which get so many comments, they look a touch Huckleberry Finn in certain settings! Interesting to have some lollies flagged up too, we get through quite a lot in the summer, such a lovely after pre-school treat!

    1. Thank you Clare – I love the braces too, they had shorts last year and I loved them – my boys are also so slim they really need them, or they start running and their trousers are on the way down to their ankles! The lollies are SO good. I don't usually like lollies at all, but these were delicious [and I didn't feel bad eating them!]

  2. Your boys are absolutely adorable, and your pictures turned out amazing! I have not heard of this frozen yogurt before, I think it would be a great option for kids to enjoy. My kids constantly have me trying to chase down the ice cream man, it doesn’t matter how much ice cream we have in the freezer it has to come from him.

  3. We don't have that brand of frozen yoghurt in our local groceries but it sounds very interesting. It's also great to know that Claudi & Fin offers healthy alternatives to artificially-flavored ice creams. This is a good way to infuse a healthier diet to kids rather than non-nutritious sweets.

  4. What absoultely gorgeous photos. I love them. Very nice. I haven't ever heard of Claudi & Fin before but I googled really quick and they look great. It is super nice that the boys liked it, sounds great. I love fruity light and refreshing – what is better than that a hot a summer day? My kiddos love the healthier treats too, I just don't tell them how much healthier they are 🙂

  5. I remember hearing the ice truck coming, and I definitely remember begging to convince my parents we needed it. Nowadays the ice cream man who comes by our house actually takes credit cards! It makes it so much easier, lol. But we don't do it often. These look like delicious treats and your boys are adorable!!

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