The Spiderman Curse…

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The Spiderman curse. He’s learning to write his name.  He knows his colours, can say the alphabet, count over 20, count with one to one correspondence, add and subtract single digit numbers…and his vocabulary knocks me off my feet.  He’s amazing, and he’s mine.

He’s beautiful, and I love him so much it overwhelms my heart with joy, worry, love and guilt…because with great power – that is, the power of a parent to influence their child’s life – comes great responsibility.  Responsibility and accountability that I never even realised I would feel.

Preschool should be the first and easiest decision to make….but it’s hard. So hard.  Did I make the right decision? Will he be happy? Feel safe? Feel abandoned?  I’m sure he’s ready.  I’m equally sure I’m not.

I’m so scared to let him fly.

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