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I generally dislike my own birthday.  Besides the fear of the Happy Birthday song [it makes me cry and I don’t know where to look when people sing it to me] I awaited my 40th year with dread.  Older, wrinklier, and feeling like my life was pretty much done opportunity wise.  However, so far, being 40 has been pretty amazing, and here’s why.

Firstly, my husband bought me the most beautiful charm bracelet ever.  I had a smaller version growing up and I adored collecting the charms.  I may or may not have shown every single person I’ve met since my birthday how beautiful my new jewellery is.

The bracelet is from a company called Scarlett, where my husband will no doubt be heading each special occasion having found a sure fire gift idea for me.  He and my mum managed to keep it a secret right up until my birthday and I have the sweetest three charms so far.

A daisy for Jensen, who always brings me flowers; a camera [for obvious reasons] and a rabbit.  The rabbit is Hero, who I called my little rabbit from birth because he was so soft and silky, and snuggly [not because of any ear or foot size issue] and it just seemed to fit.  I’m still thinking on my charm for Lyoto – but there are so many to choose from – and unlike in the days of old when I had one [over 24 years ago – eek!] you can buy charms with little clips so that you can move them around instead of soldering them on and feeling annoyed you chose the wrong place.

Secondly, since turning forty, I’ve lost over a stone and a half in weight.  I’m fitter and healthier than I have been for a very long time – and it hasn’t been a struggle.  I wish I had just committed earlier.  I’m still enjoying my food, I’m just relishing being able to fit into my clothes without a struggle and run up the stairs without huffing.  I dance around the house and actually feel like I want to be moving.


Thirdly, I have had some amazing opportunities already this year – we’re Butlins and Drayton Manor Park ambassadors, I spoke at the Online Influence Conference with Sharon Flaherty of Brand Content on working with brands this year in Cardiff – and we already have a second collaboration planned for July this year.

I’ve been featured by some really lovely brands, PR companies and bloggers – and I ran my first manual photography weekend.  I feel like I’m finally getting myself together – I can do this.

Finally, I have a couples only – yes, you read it right – that’s just me and the mister, no children allowed – weekend planned for April next year, in Paris, with my best fellow Disney Bride friend and her husband, from America.  I’ve never been away without the boys and this is a huge deal for me.  I’m hoping that my parents are reading this, because we only decided last night to do this – and they’re our hopeful intended babysitters…SURPRISE!

Being forty isn’t nearly as awful or horrifying as I imagined.  It’s just a number – although it’s a very grown up number when I feel so young at heart still.  Do you enjoy birthdays? Is there one you’re not looking forward to – or do you revel in each birthday with enormous joy, knowing that old age is a privilege not afforded to some?

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