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I like to think it’s a gene my boys have inherited from me – a love of tea parties.  My mom has the fondest memories of my little backyard tea parties when I was a little girl – apparently I gave her teeny cups of fruit squash tea faster than Sue Ellen Ewing could imbibe them.
In any case, we had a little time to ourselves after our guests left us last weekend and thanks to the very delightful Nila Holden we decided to enjoy some cookies outside for a little treat.

Getting them to look angelic is beyond me now – so I let them eat the cookies and just be.

At least one of my boys still offers me cookies. Aww. Hero, you’re the sweetest little boy.

A friend of mine asked me recently if I dress my boys purposefully to take photographs of them.  Today they were all wearing girls’ jeans from Next.  I have a bit of a bib and braces obsession for little boys [and big boys, but the mister won’t wear them sadly] and when I searched their site for something to match their little linen shirts, these came up.  They had the perfect flowery braces and my boys LOVE flowers.  Plus, there are teeny mice hidden amongst the flowers.  Anyway, yes, I do.

Since this is our second tea party, following in the steps of our Easter Bunny Eggstravaganza, it must officially be Back Garden Tea Party Season!  I’m looking forward to seeing more outdoor parties for my Britmums Party Inspiration Round up too – if you have a post, please email it to me on

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  1. Aww, your boys are just the cutest! I LOVED having tea parties with my sister when I was a kid. Even though I'm 24 now, I still LOVE tea parties (even though I ironically don't care to much for tea!).

  2. I remember loving tea parties when I was growing up. I haven't been to one in a long time and those cookies look so tasty. Of course, your boys are adorable! Great photos!!

  3. I love a good tea party! My first and only one I went to was when I was a teenager and to this day, I always think about it. It's about time I give my daughters a tea party to remember!

  4. Tea parties are so much fun, I really enjoy the imagination behind a tea party. There is so much you can do with a tea party for both kids and adults. I am in love with your beautiful photos.

  5. Awww, my girls love having a tea party. My Toddler made me put belts round her soft toy cats necks to look like collars. Then she poured imaginary cups and took one to my husband saying "tea for Daddy". Then she poured mine "and Mummy has Coke!" Think she knows about my soda habit.

  6. I still remember having tea parties with my cousins as a little girl. I can't wait to plan my daughter's tea party themed birthday party. Your kids look like they had a great time.

  7. Tea parties are so much fun, especially this time of year. It looks like they had a blast, can't wait to have the first one of the season.

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