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There are two rooms in my house that make me want to cry at times in frustration.  The kitchen and the bathroom.  Although my bathroom would benefit from a complete overhaul, my kitchen deserves the most love by far, having not been decorated since we were married way back when in Once Upon A Time land.

I’ve decided by Christmas that it will be revamped and look somewhat nicer than the room I’m currently too ashamed to post on my own blog.  If you’re curious as to why it’s so bad, just imagine pink and green paint with peach and cream tiles.  Mmmm.  Yes.

Our kitchen is also very tiny and so I’m trying to make it as light and open as I can and in order to achieve maximum capacity I’ve actually removed the kitchen door as we never use it.  Sounds odd I’m sure but the only time we’ve ever closed it has been to either contain or prevent Messrs. Casanova and Excalibur the huskies from gaining access or exiting to freedom!  

My next step is to paint it all white. My husband rolls his eyes whenever I tell him my decorating plans because he knows the real amount of work involved whereas I see the end vision in my head and want to do it all at once.  My aim is for a white kitchen with a huge framed chalkboard wall, and then I’ll take it from there with my white canvas.  There’s no way I’ll be posting before pictures on here, but I might get brave enough to post them on our Facebook page – you can check on our progress there!  

For now, I’m gathering my resources, plotting…and mostly sanding.  It’s a fantastic workout, even if it does require a sweaty face mask and constant vacuuming afterwards.

Have any of you got plans for a room in your house before Christmas?  I’d love some inspiration!

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  1. I do I want to change out my office as a matter of fact I want a new office just for Christmas where things are neat and it's functionalbe for me right now I know where everything is at but it's still chaos

  2. I feel your pain. We have a shed being built and all our stuff is in the kitchen. I feel like a 'hoarders episode'! I am going to remodel my kitchen too and my husband rolls his eyes too??? Well both of our husbands will love our new kitchens and see that life is a lot better with happy wives (when will they ever learn?) White is a great choice and it is easy to maintain because you can see any dirt instantly and get it right away. Good luck and I will be checking out you photos!

  3. I love the look of all white – so light and bright and airy… and CLEAN! I think that's a great base to start from and then you can add in pops of color with accessories, so it's easy to change out as your taste changes, or as the holidays come and go. White is really beneficial to small spaces, especially, to make them feel bigger than they really are!

  4. We are starting to work on our house little by little. We just finished installing new wood flooring in the upstairs area but we haven't decided what's next yet. It's a toss up between the kitchen and bedroom right now. A new project may have to wait until after Christmas though.

  5. I have not even thought about Christmas decorations yet. A lot of what decorations I do have are snowmen’s. I love snowman’s they are so cute and we have left a couple out all winter as well as Christmas. Good luck with painting!

  6. Even though you don't like the way your kitchen looks now, I would love to come back and see the before and after photos. A white kitchen sounds really nice, and I love the idea of a chalkboard wall, it gives me inspiration for my future kitchen!

  7. That's a great plan. My kitchen also needs a makeover. I have always wanted a white and black kitchen, but I haven't started with the work. Hopefully, next month, when my husband takes a leave, we can start working on it.

  8. I love white, it creates an open and airy feel regardless of the actual size. I will look forward to seeing your finished revamps! Nice touches can add so much to the most dismal spaces

  9. Well I guess a colorful christmas decoration in the kitchen during white christmas will not hurt. Decorate it with some artificial fruits like apples, bananas, pineapples and whatnot to make it look festive and colorful. I love kitchen anyway.

  10. I feel your pain! I have been starting to update my house, specifically my bedroom and my kitchen. My husband thinks its fine and I am crazy. So I get the rolling eyes thing. I would love a chalkboard in my kitchen!

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