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Happy babies = happy parents.  It seems so simple.  Smiling signals our happiness, crying quite clearly tells a different story. The feelings wavering in between, we use our words to tell people how we’re feeling – and why.  My husband knows all about that.

But what if you couldn’t? What if all you could do was cry? Can you imagine? How do you differentiate your cries to let people know how you’re feeling? It’s quite terrifying.

What’s even more terrifying is when you become a parent and you become responsible for the safety, health and happiness of your own baby.  After the first “I’m here….why have you bought me out here?! Put me back in!” welcome cry that we all expect from a newborn, the rest is a mystery..and one that you feel you should be able to figure out fast.

Somehow, we seem to naively believe that birthing a baby means we are then magically gifted with a new talent, marvellously akin to Dr. Doolittle’s ability to talk to the animals.  Sadly, wailing bundle in arms, pacing the delivery ward at 2a.m wondering what on earth you’ve done wrong, you realise that this, like the rest of your parenting pathway, is going to take some steep learning on your part.

I’ve never met a baby who doesn’t cry at all – some cry more than others; and comparing Hero to Jensen is like comparing a whisper to a foghorn.  Hero just didn’t cry – not even the “welcome to the world” cry, much to my alarm – he needed some oxygen as he emerged quite lifeless and glazed after a very hard natural delivery.  Thankfully he was completely fine – yet continued to be the easiest, happiest baby of our three.

With the benefit of three babies’ practice, I can finally distinguish cries from my boys – and with Hero any cry was very easy to decode.  But in the beginning, it really is trial and error – a huge changing bag full of both.

A very rare shot of me… Note the makeup free, dazed and confused face.

There are the hungry cries, the bored cries, the wet and dirty nappy cries, the over stimulated cries – and in our household, the “my brothers are just too much” cries.  The one I love the most is the “where’s my mommy, only she will do” cries.  That’s the most wearing yet most treasured of them all.  The hardest is the “I’m hurting” cry.  Especially when you’re pretty sure your little one isn’t right and you have no idea why.

My boys have all been very fortunate not to have been hit one of the most common causes of painful cries in babies; colic.  Jensen suffered it mildly for a while due to our issues with breastfeeding, but thankfully the younger two were untouched by it.  I know that I suffered terribly with it as a baby until I was around 4 months old and my own mom was completely driven to distraction trying to soothe me.  Essentially my doctor explained it as trapped wind or obstruction in the intestines that causes intense pain in your little one – and seeing your baby curled up in agony is just heartbreaking.

We tried every which way to burp Jensen and relieve the pain – and I wish I’d known more about it and any relief that we could get.  Unknown to me at the time, there IS relief available for babies over one month old – coming to the rescue of distressed parents and debilitated little ones everywhere, Nelsons Colica® Colic Granules have been created as a homeopathic medicinal remedy to relieve the symptoms naturally.

We never got to try these with Jensen – but we and if you’re one of them, give Nelsons a try!  If you’ve made it through to the other side, please share your experiences – has your baby suffered with colic? How did you treat it?

This post was written in collaboration with Nelsons Natural World, but all words and opinions are my own.
Family photographs copyright Cristina Barton Photography

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos! My babies never suffered with colic, but my heart does go out to the parents and the babies who do suffer with it. Colica sounds like a great product to try. My cousin is due to have a baby in October. I will definitely keep Colica in mind if her baby shows symptoms of colic. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I don't have children, but if I did and they had colic, I would definitely try Nelson's Colica Colic Granules because I am a big believer in the benefits of homeopathy. Glad to hear your little one didn't suffer too much from colic.

  3. Oh my goodness! Your baby is just sooo sooo adorable!!! Love the photos! Colic is one of the worst culprit of infants. Thanks for letting us know about Colica. Will share this info. to my new mom friends.

  4. Your sweet baby is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you say "my brothers are just too much cries".

    We have five boys. I will never forget the time my twins (who were 3 at the time) were trying to feed their baby brother who was about 10-12 weeks old, Cheetos. I had only stepped away for one tiny second.

    The baby was crying and moving his head back and forth as I re-entered the room. He was trying to escape the Cheetos they were attempting to feed him.

    As soon as my twins saw me re-enter the room one of them said (in a very discouraged voice) "him don't like Cheetos". Of course I explained that they could not feed their baby brother any food and we held the baby and loved on him.

    Six years later "the baby" loves Cheetos but my goodness there were lots of my brothers are too much cries. lol

    Love your share!

  5. Gorgeous photos! I am blessed that my son did not have colic but I have friends who did and my heart bleeds for anyone who has a baby with colic. This is a great message to share and I am so thankful that you took the time to share the word!

  6. One of my babies was suffered from colic and it was defintiely a learning period for the entire family. I'm so happy you are sharing and helping bring awareness to this.

  7. Love these photos, just stunning! We had struggles with colic too and it wasn't fun! Thankfully we figured out something to help him and he was 100% a different baby! The biggest thing I could suggest is support. You need someone to help you with those days when you feel like you cannot do it anymore.

  8. My son wasn't a Colic baby buy both my nieces were. My one niece would cry so bad she'd give herself hives. I am so very thankfully my son wasn't like that. Both moms said it was enough to make them not want more kids because of his bad it was. Only one mother proceeded to have more children and no colic with the next two children. Again, this makes me so thankful! Thank you for sharing!

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