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Summer babies mean Summer birthday parties – and as I finished packing the red, white and blue decorations into the back of my parents’ car, I smiled.  Suddenly, each one of those sticky, sweaty days, waddling like a penguin with a medicine ball between its flippers as I tried to bear the humidity of my final trimester with Hero, was even more worth it.  We were celebrating our baby’s first birthday in the Sunday sunshine, at the local beach…with a bountiful barbecue.

Baby Hero turned one on July 3rd [he shares his birthday with very handsome men – Tom Cruise and Thomas Gibson], and so we decided to celebrate the 3rd with a 4th of July BBQ on the 5th.  Mainly because every pitch was hired out for the 4th July before Christmas at least.  
We tried to set up the buffet in the coastal winds.  Whilst holding down tablecloths like the Banks’ family staff in Mary Poppins each time the cannons were fired, I realised I had forgotten most of the essential items – burger flipper, sellotape, refuse bags…you know, everything that wasn’t pretty, but practical.
Still, we had fun, we made memories and we celebrated our baby’s big day.

Happy first birthday, Baby Hero [Mommy’s little rabbit].

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  1. These are some of the cutest first birthday photos! I just adore the one of him drinking from the spout! I also like the quote on your gift bags – really wonderful.

  2. Ah well happy birthday to your little guy, it sounds like it was just the perfect day. I'm laughing at your older son drinking out of the lemonade dispenser. Too cute!

  3. Happy 1st Birthday to Hero. This looks like an fantastic way to celebrate his first birthday with a barbecue. Summer birthdays are sometimes so much fun because they are celebrated outside. Thanks for sharing.

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