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I had never picked cherries.  When I was a little girl, cherries magically appeared to me, in a crinkled and scrunched up brown paper bag with the top rolled down, proffered by my beautiful granny on a Saturday afternoon after her mid-morning trip to the greengrocers at the top of her road.  We spent afternoons searching for “twins” that I could wear as earrings, and if I heard my granny tell me not to swallow the stone once, she told me a hundred, loving, granny-loves-you-so-much times.

Our garden grew the most glorious powder pink cherry blossom tree – but no cherries.  During a particularly hot Summer whilst I was at law school, I joined a team of travelling gypsies at the local farm and picked earwig-strewn redcurrants with my mum – but never cherries.

Supermarket cherries are hard and they make me squish my face up as the sourness injects itself into my tastebuds.  I’d never tasted REAL cherries.  Not until this week.

Real cherries are juicy and soft. They ruin t-shirts and blouses and they cover faces with pink, red and purple inky happiness.  Real cherries are worshipping the sun at the top of the tree, but also blossom in bunches below, ripening in readiness for little fingers as they dangle beneath lush, leafy branches like the supplies of the best secret dens.  Real cherries are messy – and they make you lick your fingers like a toddler, no matter how old you are.
Cherry Good Juice invited us along on their Cherry Good Picnic to celebrate National Cherry Day.  We picked – and then we picnicked in the sunshine with friends old and new.  Here are a few moments of our day.

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  1. I love your photos! We had such a great day and the cherries were amazing. Am lucky it wasn't that far away so we are planning to go back soon. Great to meet you all xx

  2. I had no idea cherry picking was a thing. I don't think there is anywhere to do that around where I live – it sounds like so much fun, though!

  3. Fresh cherries are so good! My father-in-law used to have a sour cherry tree that he would give us cherries from. They were delicious.

  4. I've never picked cherries before but this totally makes me want to! I had no idea you could just go out and spend the day picking them like that!

  5. You pick farms are so much fun! We've been to a few, and they're always a good time.

  6. We love cherries! My daughter and husband eat them together and call it a cherry party since they sit outside and spit the seeds together. BTW I just got a new camera and hope to take pictures like these soon! They are so pretty!

  7. I'd love to do something like this with the kids. You pick farms are such a great way to bond and have some wonderful family time.

  8. Oh I have some frozen cherries in my freezer. Hmm, I should pull them out and make something for National Cherry day.

  9. I've never been cherry picking before. Looks like it's so much fun. I bet the kids loved it. Mine would of too!

  10. I just love fresh cherries, although I hate those pits! I would love to go cherry picking in my local area.

  11. My husband just brought home some cherries and I could eat them all day long. I love your photos of the kids enjoying their trip.

  12. What a lovely way to spend the day. Those cherries must be so good freshly picked. The boys look like they're having fun.

  13. i have been wanting to take my toddler fruit picking too, but never thought about picking cherries. I love this idea, and your photos are beautiful!

  14. Great family activity! It was a nice experience for the children to be able to see where cherries come from, and to be able to eat them just right there where they picked them!

  15. I can't believe I missed National Cherry Day!! I love cherries but I have never picked my own before. Looks like y'all had a great time!!

  16. I had no idea there was a national cherry day! I love cherries, so I want to start celebrating it! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Cherry picking looks like a perfect family adventure! I would probably eat more than I put in the basket!

  18. Cherries off the tree are so so so good. My grandfather used to holler at us for picking his. 😉

  19. We haven't tried picking cherries yet. We were talking about picking blueberries while having breakfast earlier. I hope we get to try it soon.

  20. Cherries are my favorite fruit. I have never gone cherry picking before. It would be so much fun to take the kids.

  21. Your photos are absolutely adorable. I've never picked cherries but I will plan a family trip to do so. My kids would think I was the best mom ever.

  22. Looks like you had an amazing time. Your pictures are awesome. I know my girls would totally love to go cherry picking.

  23. Omg cherries are like one of my favorite fruits!! I would love to go cherry picking!!!! So yummy and fun Hehehehe

  24. Cherry picking! It's one of the few fruit picking that I've never done! And i love cherries! I can't wait until I find somewhere to go cherry picking!

  25. should be an awesome experience to pick cherries with the family + have a picnic under the sun! i have only tried strawberry-picking and i absolutely loved it!

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