The Annual Mince Pie Bake-Off (2013)

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Each Christmas since we first moved into our home 12 years ago, The Mister and I have competed against each other in the sausage roll and mince pie stakes. The only judges we’ve had have been ourselves and the huskies which often meant trying to bribe one of them…and despite the fact that I don’t even like the sausage meat that we buy to put into the rolls, it never stopped us making around 40 of them in an effort to create the winning plate of porky pastries…and the huskies always appreciated  both my hatred of the meat and our culinary efforts.

This year since Baby Dragon was joining in, we thought better of using raw meat and decided that mince pies were the far safer option.  So when Granny and Grandad visited this weekend, we got out the flour, mincemeat, the shortcrust pastry and cutters…our boys set to work.



They tasted so good, they were gone before I even got my camera out…which is the perfect excuse to make more.


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