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After the Easter egg hunt this year, we celebrated with a little Easter tea party outside – a bunny bake sale – and it was so sweet!  We are so indebted to Loralee Lewis for creating her beautiful party décor which quite took my breath away when I opened the delivery a few weeks ago.  Sitting on this much cuteness has been difficult!
There were mini bunny bottles of carrot and orange juice, sugar sprinkled country fruit cake [my favourite], a delicious cream filled apple spongecake [which made the boys laugh as when placed on the cake stand it looked just like one of the bunnies was tucking in whilst no one was looking], chocolate drizzled choux buns, passionfruit and mango eclairs [Hero’s favourites] and mini coconut and lemon meringues crushed over vanilla ice cream in little bunny boxes.
I think it might be the cutest tea party we’ve thrown yet.


I hope your Easter was just as delicious as ours.  Hopefully next year we’ll actually celebrate at the same time as everyone else!

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