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There are two things that made a party when I was little.  Cake….and balloons.

The boys’ Frozen party was magical.  Everything they could ever have imagined was there, including the Princesses [but that’s another post].  They had 40 friends for two hours, and partied on afterwards with their cousins until nearly 5pm when the bouncy castles were deflated and they waved their goodbyes on their way back to the Midlands.

Since 2011 when Our Little Adventurer had his first birthday party, at ridiculous o’clock on the morning of the party, the mister has sped off down the country lanes [at a law-abiding, sensible speed, if you’re a traffic officer reading this] with my parents in tow in their car, to collect balloons from the nearest town.

Not only does it take at least an hour out of our party preparation time, but we risk the balloons popping before they are even on the party tables, and I can only buy [or guess at when I’m buying, sorry husband] the amount of balloons I he can fit into the cars.

Not this time.

Our fantastic sweet cart was provided by Lolly Trolly, and delicious sweets by All Occasions Sweet Shop
The Frozen balloons were kindly provided by Party Bags and Supplies

With 40 children, two cars of helium happiness wasn’t going to cut it.  Thankfully, we were working with Britmums and Balloon Time to celebrate the boys’ birthdays – and for the sum of £22 from ASDA, Balloon Time will come to your rescue.  A helium tank and 30 coloured balloons that you can transport anywhere and inflate your balloons in safety, at your venue!  We may or may not have loved the kit so much that we bought two…

Here are some of the balloons we filled for the party.  The foiled balloons were provided separately from our favourite online party megastore, Party Packs.  There were twenty foiled star balloons and a couple of Anna and Elsa transparent ball balloons…

Frozen balloon kindly provided by Party Bags and Supplies

There were four Olaf balloons…but one of them met their doom *pop*!

and four huge, pearly snowflake balloons…
Inflating was actually really easy, although I let the mister do it as I was far too worried about cupcake icing at the time [and secretly scared I would mess up and somehow cause an explosion of Olaf parts everywhere].
Here’s what to do if you’re the nominated inflator of party balloons…
1. Open the valve – twist the green valve counter-clockwise four complete turns
2. Place balloon opening over the black nozzle
3. Secure balloon over nozzle whilst pushing down on black nozzle to inflate balloon with helium.
4. Carefully remove balloon, pinching at opening, tie knot or use balloon stopper, and attach ribbon.

I’m working with BritMums and Balloon Time as part of the “Celebration Club”, highlighting inventive and fun ways of using balloons. I was provided with a Balloon Time helium kit and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit www.balloontime.com for more information and party inspiration.

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  1. This looks like such an adorable birthday party set up! I have used balloon time before and it is such a lifesaver for big parties, definitely a must-have.

  2. The balloons are really nice, what a beautiful party set up. (do tell me that you sucked on the helium to get funny voices?)

  3. What a beautiful set up! My kids love balloons too. Those Frozen ones are so pretty. My daughter had a Frozen party and she had a wonderful time. Enjoy!

  4. Omg! wish we had such cute balloons in the United States! I've never seen snowflake balloons.. so pretty. The whole party decor looks very pretty because of these balloons.

  5. I actually used one of these when preparing a room for our staff xmas party a few years back and it was great! So quick and easy to do and cheaper than buying the balloons already inflated!

  6. I absolutely adore balloons and agree they make the party venue look so spectacular when there's loads! I have always bought mine ready inflated too but worried about them, so always wanted to try this method! Definitely sounds worth the money, will give it a go next time! ps your balloons and decorations look amazing x

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