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Two years ago, I had so much fun working on a whole family project with Wayfair.  I say “whole” family because it really was a team effort – my mom, dad and sister helped out with the carpentry and painting in the Midlands whilst I was down here in the south, adding some snow and sparkles and bringing my Christmas advent calendar village vision to life.  I’m very lucky to have such talented [and patient!] family, who are reading this.

This year I’m part of a group of lovely people called the Wayfair Home Experts Panel – and today I accepted their challenge to refresh my sofa with some of their gorgeous cushions from the Dutch Décor collection.  I think there are about 600 different cushions – and given my inability to choose anything very easily, I spent a whole afternoon switching my choices in and out of my little mood board in Photoshop.  We had three suggested styles to choose from – I chose Scandi because it fits so well with the rest of the living room, and finally [fiiiiinally] decided on these five below.  I need to point out that this was SO hard because there was a pink cushion that I just fell in love with but try as I might, I couldn’t justify getting it instead of one of these.  I’m still considering getting two pink ones for my bedroom though, haha. Shhh!

scandi cushion refresh wayfair dutch decor

So my sofa is as old as Baby Hero.  Nearly three years old.  It’s enormous and fits all of us on comfortably if we sit normally, but quite honestly if you have children you know how they treat sofas.  They slump, they jump and they use the cushions as slides, forts and islands in the middle of the room.  My poor sofa.  Over the three years I’ve gotten used to seeing the cushions that originally formed the back of the sofa, and although they’re still soft and snuggly, they’re getting a little boring to look at.  At Christmas I bring out the seasonal cushions with Father Christmas and Reindeer on, with phrases like “Let it Snow”, but other than that I’ve never added to them.

To me, Scandinavian design embraces simplicity and captures the warmth of family and home.  I love the greys, the blues and the comforting textures of different fabrics.  To fit with our own home, my choices for cushions were bourne of a need to co-ordinate with my wallpaper.  I LOVE my wallpaper.  It’s the most beautiful part of my home and my most favourite besides my bed.  It has delicate colours woven through it and I spend at least ten minutes a day just gazing at it.  I’ve never loved a wallpaper so much.  My sofa is covered in fabric which is a biscuity brown colour and blends easily with the wallpaper, and so I looked for pops of colour to bring everything together and make my sofa look happier for summer.

Blue is my favourite colour – and so I chose the velvety blue cushion to begin with, and built the rest of the collection around it.  Now, when the cushions arrived, the pale pink and blue colours were quite different to what I expected – but I fell in love with them immediately as I saw how they drew the colours from the rest of our room.

Here’s how beautiful and fully refreshed our sofa is with the gorgeous new cushions…and still cheeky little boys.

Wayfair Cushion Refresh Dutch Decor Wayfair Cushion Refresh Dutch Decor Wayfair Cushion Refresh Dutch Decor Wayfair Cushion Refresh Dutch Decor Wayfair Cushion Refresh Dutch Decor Wayfair Cushion Refresh Dutch Decor Wayfair Cushion Refresh Dutch DecorWayfair Cushion Refresh Dutch Decor Wayfair Cushion Refresh Dutch DecorThis was a collaborative post as noted above, written as part of the Wayfair Home Experts Panel

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