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We were gifted the Planet Earth II toys as part of a collaboration with Posh Paws International

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We’ve been fans of David Attenborough’s nature documentaries since I don’t know when – and our love of animals has passed seamlessly onto the boys who [with the exception of Hero and the beetle incident when he squished one flat apparently to stop the beetle bumping his head] want to protect the world’s creatures from some of the less nice aspects of the human race.

You all know how much we adore Posh Paws toys – and this time, we have some to give away to you – a Lion and a Sloth! There’s so much to love about the collection – even the boys’ Nanny has been after them. We told her she needs to enter the competition. Hahaha.

Love Me For Life

The Planet Earth II toys have a little blue circular tag on them, with the words, “Love me for life or give me to someone new. I am built to last.” The creators want these to be toys which are handed down to others and not just stuffed in a cupboard gathering dust which I thought was lovely – however the boys aren’t fond of letting any of their furry friends go and so these have found a forever home here – but you can win a Lion or Sloth of your own, just read on!

Don’t Throw The Tag Away!

Hanging on the toys, alongside the Love Me For Life Tag, is a little folded card particular to each animal. Inside these little cards are a photograph of the animal and the location they’re from. There’s also a weblink to BBC Earth, and a QR code which you can scan to go to the Planet Earth II trailer. We thought that was pretty clever – and then I realised that my phone had been kidnapped under the guise of Wildlife Conservation which I was hardly in a place to challenge.

I do wish they had embroidered the Love Me For Life Tag onto the bottom of the creatures instead of simply BBC Earth – it would have added a lovely element to it, because the first thing my boys do when they get a new toy is take the tags off. They kind of consider it an insurance for making sure Mom doesn’t donate the toys somewhere. Once the tags are off, ownership in this house is effectively transferred. An embroidered patch would have been perfect though, and would carry the message further than home with the original purchasing child [or grown up, Nanny is still after them].

We took our Planet Earth toys to our local Hilliers arboretum. The boys got a chance to stretch their legs {Lyoto managed to have a meltdown near the end} and the animals got to hang around in their habitats, sort of.

The plushes are very soft – beautiful quality – and can sit unaided, even the sloth. This makes them shelvable which is lovely as the Sloth can sit next to the books on Lyoto’s huge bookcase instead of just being resigned to the toy zoo.

GOOD LUCK! Enter on the link below – or you can try refreshing the page as my competition box keeps disappearing!


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  1. I think the lion as although my little Grandson can’t speak yet he is quite good at roaring!

  2. Wolves or tigers. We are lucky that our local wildlife park has tigers so we’ve seen them real-life.

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