Tree Fu for Grown Ups!

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It’s no secret that we love bugs in this family, or that we prefer to spend our weekends walking in the woods instead of trawling the shops…or that Tree Fu Tom is a family hero.  Getting outside and closer to nature is something I hope that my boys always enjoy.

When Our Little Adventurer was small(er), he was satisfied with, “It’s a spider!”. Now he wants to know just what kind of spider, and what it eats, where it lives…and I don’t have all the answers.  There are very few of us who do, according to Tree Fu Tom and CBeebies.  And those questions are only going to get harder for us parents!  Little ones are inquisitive!  Thankfully, help is at hand today from 1pm as zoologist and nature writer Jules Howard lifts the log pile to reveal what we can expect to see this Spring in the great British outdoors.

Birds, bees, flowers and trees…hopefully we’ll all learn a lot more about these…and then when we’re practicing Tree Fu at the weekend, I won’t be caught short on answers…

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