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This is a collaboration with Munch Bunch Organic and BritMums promoting the #FeedTheirPlayfulNature campaign, sponsored by Munch Bunch Organic. You can visit their Facebook page for more advice and tips!

munch bunch #feedtheirplayfulnature

We have a joker in our pack, our middle Jones.  At 6 years old, Lyoto loves jokes – and making people laugh.  He has a smile as wide as the joker [except much less sinister] and so it’s probably no coincidence.  He’s also the champion of Munch Bunch yoghurt eaters.

This week we’ve been trying out Munch Bunch’s Munch Bunch Organic Fromage Frais range. My mom used to let me have a Mr. Tickle Orange Munch Bunch yoghurt from the supermarket every week when I was little – and I still remember it now!  My boys feel the same about Munch Bunch and I usually buy the fruit shaped yoghurts for weekend lunch snacks [which don’t last long, despite Gav telling them over and over that ONE yoghurt is supposed to be eaten at each lunch] and so this was a new product for us to try out!  There are pouches and pots in Strawberry, Apricot and Banana.  Lyoto doesn’t like the texture of strawberries but he loves the flavour and so those are his favourites.  Hero will eat anything, and so will Jens.

#feedtheirplayfulnature munch bunch

Being creative isn’t something that he has a great amount of time to do at school, even in year one, which always saddens me, and so we try to encourage as much play as possible at home, to get the boys’ imagination wheels turning – and this is why we loved the idea of Munch Bunch’s #FeedTheirPlayfulNature campaign.  The little organic pouches of fromage frais are easy to open, mess-free [unless you’re my children and want to show each other how to make fromage frais worms] and so we can take them anywhere.  They love them after school on the walk home and in the car on road trips – which is where Lyoto has a captive audience for joke-telling.  Munch Bunch’s campaign challenged us to make some jokes – and the boys have come up with their favourite fruit and vegetable themed ones…

What are a ghost’s favourite fruits? Booberries!

How do you make a strawberry shake? Put it in the freezer!

What fruit teases everyone? A banana-na-na!

How can you mend a broken pumpkin? With a pumpkin patch!

#feedtheirplayfulnature munch bunch

We’ve been in France for the past week whilst I was working on a very lovely project at Disneyland Paris, and Lyoto and the boys managed to get creative on the road with Munch Bunch.  We stopped at an Aire [like a rest stop] on the road from Calais and sadly there was a very poorly, very disease-ridden and very starving cat wandering there.  The cat [who the boys named Catatouille] ran up to Gav when he got out to stretch his legs, looking for food. We had nothing that we thought he’d like but we did have some Munch Bunch Organic Fromage Frais with us.  We left a little carton open for him, some crushed up cheese crackers, and Lyoto had a little brainwave after Gav and I failed at crafting a little drink container for the cat.  Lyoto ate a Munch Bunch pot super fast, washed it out and we filled it with water for him.  Here’s a little video of the Cat enjoying his meal.  The boys felt far less sad leaving him with something for his tummy and a drink in the baking hot sun.

munch bunch #feedtheirplayfulnature

I don’t know about your children, but without something good to eat and drink, my boys get pretty cranky fast.  Cranky children can’t play happily or be creative.  However, my boys also eat like a plague of locusts – and so I have to make very careful choices in the supermarket to balance nutrition and cost.  Munch Bunch Organic, owned by Nestlé, contain calcium for their growing bodies, and I’m much happier letting them have a delicious Fromage Frais instead of a less nutritious snack, and they always seem to feel fuller for longer too, which is a bonus!  The little pouches are favourites for the playpark when we pick up Gav from IBM in the evenings, and the pots are the perfect size for lunchboxes.  A whole pack of pots also fits nicely sandwiched between two ice packs, in case you’re wondering how they made it to France with us!

#feedtheirplayfulnature munch bunch

So go on, #FeedTheirPlayfulNature with Munch Bunch Organic – good luck with [hearing] the jokes!

#feedtheirplayfulnature munch bunch

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  1. I just learned so many new terms and about a brand I never knew. I want to visit Europe one day. The jokes were funny too. I’ll have toshare those with my family for a few good laughs. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Be prepared for them shaking their head at you in despair! haha! The fromage frais are delicious though – and Munch Bunch have been here in the UK for years and years making us happy 🙂

  2. Yeah i know whenever my daughter comes out she is always hungry 🙂 we guess what it is all about. And as we reach the destination she like very hungry and we end eating something and starting out do what we have come for. Thanks for such and lovely post.

  3. Love your images. He looks like he is having so much fun. 🙂
    We love the Munch Bunch brand too and they are so handy to carry around. Mess free…usually.

    Commenting for myself and BritMums.

  4. My kids get cranky when they are hungry too. Fab that they are doing an organic range. Both my girls love munch bunch so will keep and eye out for these

  5. I remember having munch bunch when I was a kid! They are so yummy. My kids would happily gobble these all up whilst cracking the odd joke too. Bless them, looking after the cat, I am sure it was very grateful

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