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The boys love shopping with me, even at the supermarket – and it’s not because they enjoy deciding what’s for dinner [although they do love trying to get me to buy as many Oreos and Maryland Cookies as they can].  It’s because these days, in nearly every store, there are shelves filled with blind bags and boxes.  There are SO many – and the chances of being able to stand out as a small collectible toy at the moment is very slim.  But it’s not impossible! Party Popteenies arrived at our house this week.

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Thanks to YouTube, there’s never a toy my boys haven’t already seen someone try out – except this time!  Haha!  This time we were sent some amazing Party Popteenies to play with, and the launch is FRIDAY!

Yes, this time they’d never heard of or seen Popteenies and so these were a complete surprise – and when a toy combines confetti AND an explosion like a magic trick, you know it’s a winner.

Party Popteenies

We were sent the most colourful package, EVER.  Inside we found three of the new Party Popteenies range!  Here’s what Popteenies have to say for themselves:


PULL TWIST and POP!  Welcome to the world of the Party Popteenies – every day is a party and you’re invited! The fabulous fun begins with the Surprise Popper! What kind of celebration will you discover inside? Your Party Popteenie will burst onto the scene in a cloud of collectible confetti! Arriving in style, there are three different party themes to pop. You could collect a Rainbow Unicorn, Cutie Animal or Winter Wonderland Party Popteenie! Each doll puts their own fun spin on their party theme bringing cool accessories with them in the base of the Surprise Popper! Pop party decorations, sweet treats and more – everything you need to throw the party of the year! There are over 25 Rainbow Unicorn, Cutie Animal or Winter Wonderland Party Popteenies!


Twice the excitement – the Party Popteenies Double Surprise Popper! Packed into this popper are hidden layers of fun! To get the party started, pull to separate the two poppers and discover your first layer of surprises! Wrapped inside adorable packaging are mini accessories and your doll’s pet bestie.  Within a cloud of colourful, collectible confetti you’ll find an exclusive Party Popteenie, wearing a glittery outfit, then explode the second popper to discover deluxe party accessories! Will you pop the magical unicorn cake?


Discover the fabulous world of Party Popteenies inside the Party Surprise Box! Wrapped like a gift, this playset has a small window into what’s hidden inside: Cutie Animal Hayden or Rainbow Unicorn Ava stand beside their mini confetti popper, waiting to party! Unwrap your Party Surprise Box and pull open the outer flaps to reveal two bright packages. Within one package you’ll find cute gifts, and an adorable tiny pet, while the other package holds super-cute furniture. It’s time for fun! Lift out your mini popper and pull apart to release a poof of confetti, and start opening your presents! Once you’ve opened all your presents, transform it from a present to a Cutie Animal or Rainbow Unicorn party scene! Flip over one of your packages to create a dance floor and use your sticker sheet to add the finishing touches to the décor before inviting all your Party Popteenies over!

The Popteenies launch officially on July 6th – you can preorder at Smyths Toys though, to be first in line!  Single PopTeenie Poppers are £4,99, Double Surprise Poppers are £9.99 and the Party Surprise Boxes are £14.99.

Party Popteenies

The boys LOVE the popping out of the toys – it’s their new favourite way of revealing toys – and these ones go with a HUGE pop and cloud of confetti, and little paper pictures that they collected and posted around the house for days.

That there’s not just the pop, confetti and toy – after the initial surprise, there’s also a little accessory in the base of the PopTeenie to open afterwards and play with.

We played with the Party Suprise Box in a pass the parcel kind of way, taking it in turns to open a window and the boys LOVED it.  Not so sure it would work if you weren’t all related – am imagining that war might just break out over who had which piece.  Having a little scene to play with is exactly what my boys love.  Lots of collectibles without a base of some kind is no fun for role play.

Party Popteeniesparty popteenies party popteenies

That there were little boy dolls too – and as a child I remember being so happy whenever there were also boys in a toy collection that I could buy.  It’s not just a girls’ world.  Boys love colour and accessories and confetti too.

party popteenies party popteenies party popteenies party popteenies

We were sent the PopTeenies to play with in return for our post.  

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