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Our friends at House of Fraser are back again with a very affordable range of clothing for little ones.  This month we’ve chosen a gorgeous sweater by Howick Junior at House of Fraser in a deep shade of burgundy, ready for Valentines Day lunch.  We decided to get outside and have a little fun collecting pinecones and climbing gates whilst we looked so smart.
After last time [also known as that time my son dived into and swam in a mud-puddle naked in the middle of October], we decided it was Lyoto’s turn to style.  Jensen was insisting on wearing his Dad’s enormous gloves instead and went on modelling strike for a while [diva].
The sweaters are 100% lambswool and non-itchy [very important if you want your little ones to keep a sweater on], soft and very smart.  They are machine washable at 30% which makes me happy as I always panic about washing wooly garments.
The sweaters have a gorgeous, slim fit although as they are more of a dress sweater than an everyday one, they aren’t very warm or thick.  They are extremely well made for the price and so smart that they turned my toddler into a little man for the afternoon!
At only £14.00 [reduced from £20] they’re very affordable [which my husband couldn’t believe until I showed him the price tag] and the perfect sweater for layering.  Lyoto was wearing three layers under this sweater and still had a very fitted, non bulky look to him, which meant he could run about merrily without asking for his coat and I could snap away happily.
My boys are all ready for their birthday [Valentine’s] day lunch – do you dress your children specially for occasions like Easter and Valentines?
Disclosure: I was sent two House of Fraser sweaters of my choice in return for an honest review.

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  1. Awe, seeing your photos made me reminisce about the pussy willow tree that I used to have growing in my backyard when I was a kid. The sweater also looks very nice. Great pics.

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