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We promised you something sweet, and here they are!  We are absolutely delighted to be able to share with you the delectable creations of Chantal Teal, baker and owner of the Gold Taste award winning Love Brownies in West Yorkshire, England on our first feature of A Li’l Something Sweet.
Chantal bakes just THE most amazing, indulgent, perfect brownies…and I say that as a person who has never found brownies to her taste and has generally avoided them on dessert menus – and now I know why; I was waiting to taste these.
Every step of our journey with Love Brownies has been exquisite.  From the gorgeous packaging with the peep through greeting and personalised message inside [handwritten by the baker, Chantal herself!] to the little cards that try to prepare you for the happiness that is about to comfort your tastebuds like a big, warm, enveloping hug from your favourite bear – everything is planned perfectly.
I always thought of brownies as a minefield of baking.  The ones I had previous tasted were either dry and slightly crunchy and stale tasting or drippy and tar like to chew.  I tried to make them myself once but I had no real experience of what they should taste like, or the texture they needed to have.  After this week, I will never, ever bake a brownie again.

When I opened the quite substantially weighted parcel [in secret, away from boys, away form husband], my two favourite colours greeted my eyes – orange and blue.  Perfect shades.

Then I opened the box and folded back the baking paper…and there they were.  Four raspberry and four chocolate brownies smiling at me.  At Saturday afternoon tea time, we tried the brownies – even Baby Hero, who looked like a Love Brownie himself when he had finished gumming it – and then I managed to catch up with Chantal to ask her a few questions.  Thankfully over email as on Skype she would have seen the chocolate spread over my face.
It’s impossible not to feel the love that’s been poured into the creation of the brownies.  Every aspect of the brownie making process has been perfected – from the home grown raspberries to the eggs that the Love Brownie chickens are now producing, the true passion Chantal has for her brownies is very clear.  Her chocolate is sourced from Venezuela for its fruity, spicy flavour to ensure a depth of taste to her creations –  every bite is heaven.  What is most amazing is that Chantal bakes each brownie in its own individual pan.  Each brownie is baked separately!
These truly are a luxurious, sumptuous delight to eat.  If you’re looking for a Valentine gift, dessert…or even as wedding favours, click over to Love Brownies and try them – we will never eat any other brownie, ever again, and we’re very grateful to Chantal for letting us feature her this week.  Our tummies are very full, and very happy.
We’re seeking out the unique, the truly special, the smile-makers in our country to put the surprise back into celebrations.  We have some fantastic people already working with us – and if you’d like to join us and showcase your talents, get in touch – keepupwiththejonesfamilyblog@gmail.com.
Disclosure: Love Brownies sent us a box of brownies to eat and review.  Our opinions are honest and we were under no obligation to post a positive article.

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  1. Totally in love with these. I thought about ordering when you posted yesterday, but now looking at it again I think I'm definitely in. I always worry, though, about getting baked goods shipped. Did you find that they were fresh when you got them?

  2. WOW these look truly scrumptious and how amazing you can get them shipped. I am on a huge juice detox fasting or I would be scooping them up. At the moment I will just keep rereading this and drooling. They are beautiful. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again soon and you enjoy the blog hop. #sharewithme

  3. OMG! Those look scrumptious. Now, how do we get a box delivered in the US? Is it open to the UK and the rest of Europe only? I'm curious to learn more. Yummy!

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