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tonka dump truck half term

It’s half term at last and it feels so odd – today Gav is at the passport office paying a fortune to get his new passport that we no actually need to get us to Disneyland Paris.  I’ve been busy preparing for our holiday – writing planning posts and actually doing that planning as I go – and this week we got the amazing news that we are going back to Warwick Castle to experience the Kings Luxury Tents which are available for the public to sleep in from next week.  If you remember, last year when we stayed in the Knight’s Village, Grandad [my Dad] went back into hospital and finally got a diagnosis of Spinal Cancer.  My heart borke for him because he was so looking forward to being at the Castle with the boys and taking part in everything, and then he was in such pain that he had to go to hospital and receive that news 🙁  The fantastic news is that although Gav can’t come to Warwick Castle with us [Thank you IBM *insert hard stare face here*] Grandad and Granny are coming with us instead!  If you can’t remember what we got up to last time, and if you’re thinking of sleeping over at Warwick Castle, our little video is in the sidebar or you can see our Knights Village Sleepover here on YouTube [and subscribe if you like it!]

We’ve been taking part in a Tonka campaign about Dumper Trucks this week which goes live next week, and the boys can’t stop playing with them.  Usually a toy has a limited novelty value when it’s a big item, but the super huge Tonka Truck….Well, take a look – it reminds me of when I was little, except we were all piled onto a skateboard.

tonka dump truck half term

tonka dump truck half term

I’m going to try once again to declutter the house whilst I have one less boy here today [ Jens has gone with Gav to get his passport and then visit the British Museum], and do some packing.  Happy Half Term!

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