Peas and Quiet…

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Sometimes, when you’re the biggest of the smallest, life can get a bit too heavy.

Like when you’re trying to do serious drawing for your Granny and your little brother colours all over it.  Or when you’re only allowed use glue and scissors during his naptime…or when your Momma spends all of her time saving your little brother from himself instead of making potions and sandcastles with you like she used to.

Sometimes, no matter how big we are, we need a little time to be small again.

A little time, a moment alone.
Time to wander, daydream, and scoop juicy peas from their ripened pods…
Time to blow dandelion clocks and run barefoot through rows of ruby redcurrants…


Time to share stories, run through giant daisies, chase grasshoppers and hunt for ladybirds…


Time to  feel loved.

My mum and dad are visiting in a few days.  Enjoy your week.
Additional photos are on our Facebook page.

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