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All of our boys have worn cloth nappies; that’s not to say that they haven’t also worn disposables when the occasion called for it, but given a choice I like fluffy bottoms.  Most people would probably imagine that this is because I am keen to save the environment (especially since I was head of geography before maternity leaves took over my career) but those that know me, especially the mister, know it’s because of one thing…

They’re pretty.  Or maybe two..they’re pretty AND I can buy lots of them.

And I did.

I’ve bought probably over 100 cloth nappies since 2010 beginning with my fluffy and beloved (and no longer manufactured) Lollipop Softees, and ending with my beloved Bitti Tuttos.
In the Jones household, there are five of us, one bin and no tumble drier.  This is all good when it’s Summer and I can hang my nappies on the line (I know, I know, sun bleaching and all that, but it’s only ever happened to a few poor quality fabric ones), but now Winter is fast approaching and my poor fluffy butts are going to freeze into ice pants pretty soon and I’ll be chipping them off the Minky.

When Baby Hero was born in July, I was introduced to gNappies again.  I tried a gDiaper years ago when I was sent one by a friend in the USA but I didn’t really understand how they were better than a disposable as I couldn’t flush them like the Americans could, and so I pretty much discarded it because I also couldn’t get the refills for the gDiaper without importing them.

This time my gNappies experience is very different. Yes, I did squeal with delight at the teeny little sharks on the limited edition great white shark print (which we sported on Instagram), and daydream over how cute Baby Hero would look with his pumpkin orange gNappy at Hallowe’en (he did, and we won a cute baby competition with him wearing them!), but there was an even better reason to use gNappies now.  They’re kind to the Earth.

But before I get to that bit, let’s talk about the bit I enjoy the most…the shopping!


One pair of gPants will set you back around £14.95.  Each pair comes with a waterproof cradle for whichever insert you choose; cloth or bio-degradable.  Most moms I know recommend having at least 6-8 on hand, and you can buy a various bundles to save money, too.  The bio-degradable inserts come in packs of 32-40 and cost around £8.95.  We get ours from Ocado.

You can shop online at gNappies and get a 10% discount when you spent £100 or more, too.


There’s a wide range of colours available, and not only that, but they add to their core colour collection twice a season with gPants limited edition designs (we love the Be Kind print).  I LOVE limited edition pants, especially seasonal ones; Little Dragon spent most of his first year in coordinated leg warmers and nappies. I blame it on being an 80’s child.

Aside from wanting Baby Hero to look the bomb in his nappy, using gNappies has increased our other boys’ understanding of how the world works, too!  Tomorrow we’ll be talking about gNappies and the Hot Bin (or Clay Face, as Lyoto calls him it)… Pop back and see!

Disclosure: I was sent items in return for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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    1. You're having a third boy? Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you! I'm sure I've spent much less on the cloth nappies than I would have on disposables, too. Thank you for Hero's compliment, he's such a content little baby!

    1. Thank you for reading, Cate! I admit the cost always seems most daunting because unlike disposables, the outlay is big at the beginning – but from then onwards it's been so cheap for us. Congratulations on nearing the end of nappy stage – the last wipe is in sight, huh? 🙂

  1. We didn't use them when my kids were little but I had many friends who did and Loved them! We also gave a bunch to many of the girls in our circle who asked for them! I love that these are with cool characters! So cute!

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