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Before we’re immersed in Christmas preparation, we thought we’d better add this post in!  If you connect with us on Instagram, you’ll know that like at Easter, Valentine’s, St. Patricks and other various holidays in our household, the boys received gifts in a special basket.
I managed to make the mister happy too this year by buying baskets which served multiple purposes – after being used to hold the gifts, they are gracing the shelves of the boys’ wardrobe, holding their million t-shirts in an orderly fashion…instead of sitting empty, taking up a huge amount of cupboard space.

They were so much fun to put together, although as our house is so small (and the boys are so inquisitive nosey) I had to hide everything in carrier bags and assemble them the night before giving them.

Both of the older boys’ baskets had the following:

Glow sticks
Goggle glasses
Screaming straw
Skull straws
Halloween rubber ducks
Stretchy spiders
Decorative pumpkin
Halloween mug
Spinning light toy

…and everyone had the annual Hallowe’en skeleton pyjamas from Gymboree in the USA.  Each year they release a pair of glow in the dark skeleton pyjamas with a different twist – this year there are little orange monsters in the bones!  Baby Hero looked so teeny in his tiny pair.

Their Hallowe’en books this year were so much fun to choose!  Here’s what they received:

 photo jensen-basket-halloween_zps74df996c.png

Edgar and The Tattle Tale Heart (Jennifer Adams)

A nod to Poe’s classic, this book is so brilliant and the illustrations are gorgeous.  It’s been read over and over.

Little Boo (Stephen Wunderli)

Little Boo is a pumpkin seed who wants to grow up, and be scary – but he needs patience!

I’m Looking for a Monster (Timothy Young)

This is the best pop-up book for Hallowe’en.  The little boy in the story is looking for a monster – and he’s very picky!

Where’s My Mummy? (Carolyn Crimi)

The mister had fun trying to say Mama Mummy each time as Little Mummy enjoyed his last game of hide and seek before bed.

 photo lyoto-basket-hallowren_zps6397c1c4.png

Happy Hallowe’en (Sesame Street)

Little Dragon loves Sesame Street (and so do I) and so it was impossible not to buy this book.

Frankenstein (Baby Lit Series – Jennifer Adams) 

Since discovering this series, we’ve fallen in love with it and bought quite a few of them.  Jennifer Adams turns the classics into perfect children’s books.  In Frankenstein, we are introduced to the parts of the body!

Dracula (Baby Lit Series – Jennifer Adams)

Little Dragon enjoyed the illustrations and counting with Dracula, and as Our Little Adventurer is learning to read at the moment, he sounded out words for us.

 photo baby-hero-basket-halloween_zpsa8c77306.png

Duck & Goose Find A Pumpkin (Tad Hills)

Despite already having two boys, we’d never bought a Duck & Goose book – and they are so cute! Repetitive language and the most beautiful illustrations as Duck and Goose hunt for a pumpkin in various places.  Little Dragon also loved this book and joined in with the repetition.

Baby Hero also had some goggle glasses (too cute), some light toys, and a very special present from Life as Coral; a Bat Baby!

Now to start planning for our NBC box, and the arrival of the elves!

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  1. They look fab, apart from some decorations and spooky food we don't do much here, I do like the basket idea, might try that for Easter next year.

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