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Window Shopping WednesdayAutumn is finally here! Here’s a collection of my seven favourite items this week for Window Shopping Wednesday to make you feel warm and cosy at home.

Lamp –

Grey Wool Throw – Rooi

Yankee Candle – Yankee Candle

Sparkle Knitted Boots – The White Company

Boo! Caramel Chocolates – Hotel Chocolat

Leaf Tablemats – Laura Ashley

Hedgehog Tea Cosy – Cath Kidston

They’re essentially my autumn survival kit for working at home.  Here’s my logic. The beautifully cute hedgehog cosy? For keeping my teapot warm.  Then I can make the tea and finally drink a warm cup without leaving what my husband fondly calls the tea experiment going on around the house.  On any given day there must be at least 5 half drank cups about the house where I’ve got caught up doing something and forgotten my drink.

The gorgeous lamp?  A necessity – the days are getting darker now and shorter and I’m left editing in the nearly-dark, feeling chilly.  I like lamps because they make me feel cosy and more likely to stay awake. I shut down in the cold – so essentially I need this to keep me awake.

The throw and slippers are my treat [for watching Gilmore Girls reruns at naptime] and feeling snuggly, and the pumpkin scented candle [for taking away the smell of soggy boys and wellyboots] is an autumn necessity. I can’t remember when I haven’t bought seasonal candles, they’re practically a tradition.

The leaf table mats are there because I’ve been hunting for a set of these for as long as I can remember.  I’m just sad they come in a set of four and not six;  and the most delicious Hallowe’en caramel chocolates are again and indulgence [and again, are for watching The Gilmore Girls].

I realised looking at the items that I tend to associate a metal with each season – with autumn I seem to go for copper, winter is zinc, spring is silver and summer is yellow gold for me.  I also have a grey thing going this autumn.  Usually I head for rust and oranges or browns, but this year I’m feeling more greys – especially since my spree in Dunelm the other week for new JUST FOR MOMMY AND DADDY bath towels and sheets.

What colours/textures are you leaning towards this season?

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