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It’s conference season still – and this week it’s the big one.  Britmums.  I joined the Britmums meme 2014 and the Britmums meme 2013, too – I’m getting the hang of it!

Here we go!

Sara-Jayne. No one understands me when I say it, so phonetically here it is: Saah-raah-Jayne.

Apparently 5 feet 7 according to my doctor.  I thought I was 5 feet 3 and a bit for years. Turns out I’m taller.

Hair Colour: 
Mousey brown, and as long as Rapunzel’s, if not longer.  In fact, she had it cut at the end, didn’t she?  So longer. Much longer.

Blue. Tired.

Twitter Handle: 

Instagram Profile:

Have You Been To A Blogging Conference Before?
Yes – Britmums 2013, Cybher 2013, Blog Camp [x4], Blog on Cymru 2015 and Blogtacular last week!

Attending Both Days?
Yes.  My husband is coming along with Hero so I can feed him without having him inside the conference itself, and my parents are taking care of the other two boys.  My husband should be fine, and there’s an Elvis exhibit at the Barbican for him to visit too.

What Are You Most Looking Forward To At Britmums 2015?
It’s like a holiday for me.  I get to talk to grow ups who are interested in what I have to say, learn new things, pee alone and drink hot beverages.  I missed last year despite having a ticket as I was 37 weeks pregnant and my doctor said no because of my gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

This year there are so many interesting sessions to choose from and for two days I’ll be blissfully inspired, even if I have my bubble popped when I get home and realise I don’t have time to put into practice anything I’ve learned and I’m back to talking to myself about blogging.

What Are You Wearing?
I’ve ordered a very lovely dress to wear from Pepperberry because if I turn up in my striped dress one more time to an event people are going to think I never take it off.  Truth is, I live in my pyjamas and the dress is a staple.  On the Saturday I’ll be in jeans and t-shirt ready for the train ride home. Boo.

What Do You Hope To Gain From Britmums 2015?
I’m desperate to learn the basics of SEO.  Someone try and drum it into me.  Every conference I go to, I hope there’s someone who will switch the light on in my brain when it comes to this subject – but my lightbulb has remained off so far.

What Tips Do You Have For Anyone Who Hasn’t Been Before?  

1. Don’t forget your business cards – and have them somewhere on your person that’s easy to get to!  I had mine made by the lovely people at PaperShaker this year who were so helpful, professional [and generous] and made sure I had them on time despite my severe procrastination over design.

2. I have a request for the extroverts amongst us Britmums bloggers – please, please – if someone’s stood alone, please say hello to them, include them, ask them if they want to join you for a cup of coffee.  Shyness can be crippling and two years ago I painfully remember standing in the middle of the sponsors area, smiling like an idiot on my own for quite a bit of the time whilst I watched others having a brilliant time with friends, as I knew next to no one and my confidence was so low.

3.  Don’t go to the same workshop or session as your friend if you can help it – then you can swap notes afterwards!

4.  If a session is going straight over your head [this happened to me in advanced SEO], don’t be afraid to politely sneak out.  You can grab a coffee, have a little relax or meet a sponsor instead of feeling confused and overwhelmed.

5.  If a session is brilliant and you can’t write down what you want to, take a photo of their slides instead.  You then need only jot down additional notes instead of everything they’re saying.

6.  Have your tissues ready – the keynotes were amazing last time, so inspiring.  I had to get tissues off a really sweet lady on my table as my mascara made its way Southwards, leaving me a somewhat soggy version of Alice Cooper.

Finally, lucky 7.  Don’t get carried away Tweeting/Instagramming on the way to Britmums – I managed to run my battery down before I even arrived and then spent the opening speeches at the charging docks, praying my iPhone would come back to life enough to get me through the sessions.

I’m really looking forward to this year – please come and say hello!

I’m going to BritMums Live

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