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The Jolly Green Giant has been a part of both my and the mister’s lives since we were little.  I loved watching the adverts and wondering if he would ever grace my garden’s corn-free vegetable patch, and the mister, well, his most vivid memory is listening to them in French every year on holiday on the TV in his family’s caravan, across the Channel.

Until about a year ago, although I’d heard of the Despicable Me Minions, I hadn’t got a clue about them – and then Minion mania hit our household, thanks to my parents.  Whilst staying at Granny and Grandad’s home [where there is a large flat screen in the guest bedroom unlike our household where there is only one television, firmly fixed in the living room, for my apparently poor, screen time deprived little boys], they snuggled up one night and discovered the addictive hilarity of Stuart, Bob, Kevin, et al.
Months later they are still giggling nonsensically over the Minions’ crazy antics – and Tots100 have teamed up with The Jolly Green Giant to encourage energetic little Minion fans everywhere to put down their ba-na-nas and pick up some sweetcorn to enjoy as part of a tasty snack.  
After interrogating two of the Jones Boys over the content of every Minion YouTube trailer, we decided on these – Sweetcorn and Bacon Minion Muffins.  Those little Minions love bacon, and they need to refuel without risk of a huge sugar crash if they’re going to find the evil genius they’re seeking.
Here’s what you need to make your Green Giant Sweetcorn and Bacon Minion Muffins!

Ho-ho-ho…. Ba-na-na!  Enjoy.

You can buy the little minion cases here:

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  1. Oh, the kids would love this- I'm sure the adults will, too! I will definitely have to add this onto my list of recipes to try, thanks so much!

  2. These are too cute! Reminds me of my son and how he gets into different shows and giggles about them later especially when I quote things from the show. 🙂

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