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If you wrote a review for anything related to Super Mario Bros or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on a blog or website this year, the chances are I read it whilst Father Christmas was shopping for my three boys.  Why? Because I trust the opinions of other consumers and parents more than the slick corporate advertising campaign that’s being played out on my television.  In fact, whenever I consider spending over £30 on an item, the chances are I’ve Googled “blog review” after the product’s name to see who’s already tried it and whether it’s worth my money.  

When I’m spreading the word about a product or service I’m enthusiastic about or a brand I’m working with, there are quite a few blogging networks that I connect with – and I’m active across as many of the social networking sites as I can manage.  Online influence is widely talked about, and as a blogger we like to think that we carry quite a bit of it with us – but measuring it can be tricky.
A few months ago I was invited to join Buzzoole.  Like so many of the new networks I get asked to join, I signed up and gave it very little thought until I was emailed recently and asked to take a deeper look at Buzzoole and give my opinions on it – and I’m so pleased I did.
I’ve lost count of the notifications landing in my inbox to tell me that a friend has joined Buzzoole – if you aren’t one of them yet, you can join here, because as a social media addict who spends quite a significant amount of time, Buzzoole has given me very valuable and accurate insights as to my activity, engagement and influence across my many platforms.  I’ve found it particularly useful when speaking with clients about social reach, because all of the information I need is there at a click.  

It’s simple to use – connecting your blog and media platforms takes minutes and the results are brilliant – and so useful.  There are badges to earn, which represent your influence in various categories such as social, referral and campaign related.  I can also network easily on the site by searching for people with the same interests as myself – and by doing so create a community of my own; conversely, it’s easy to see who your “competitors” are in your niche.  I’m still figuring this part out and enjoying finding friends’ profiles to compare to my own.

The nitty gritty details of my social media interaction are my favourite aspect of the site – being able to see which my top posts are on Twitter is beyond exciting for me – and I hope that they somehow manage to enable the same analysis of Instagram data in the future, as that’s my favourite social media hangout.

But aside from all of the data analysis that takes part on the site, there’s an even better reason to join Buzzoole.  It pays.  Through joining, you are a candidate for any campaigns offered by brands, which once completed are paid to the influencer in the form of Buzzoole credits which can be converted to Amazon vouchers.  As someone who spends way more than she should on Amazon Prime, it’s a very welcome form of remuneration indeed, and being able to see my credits adding up is very satisfying.
If you’re a blogger looking to monetise your blog, or expand  your horizons, there’s no better time to sign up – join Buzzoole and start earning credits today!  
BuzzooleThis post was sponsored by Buzzoole. All opinions are my own.

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